Celebrating Excellence!!!!

Celebrating Excellence….

Apple Design Awards for best ios & OSx developers are conducted every year for the nominations of outstanding Applications and the winners are announced at WWDC (World wide Developer Conference). This year will be no different.

Apple has officially started accepting nominations for 2012 Apple Design Awards. If you come across a really cool application for your APPLE mobile you can nominate it. For that you have to visit Apple’s WWDC awards website and login with your developers ID to nominate your favorite app.

The nominations for best ios & OSx will not be on the basis of strength of nominations rather it must be on the 3 criteria’s. Firstly application must be “well designed” (those which are attractive, easy to use, and understandable). Secondly it must be “innovative” (new &  revolitutionary ideas). And most importantly “Art” (system integrated, having richest technologies & taking advantage of latest hardware).

Criteria for nomination also include availability of application on the App Store or the Mac App Store by May 1 of this year. You can view last year’s winners to get a taste of the kind of excellence required for winning.

Last year’s winners included****

IPhone apps: Infinity Blades, Cut the rope, Golf scape GPS rangefinder.

Ipads apps: djay for ipad, Osmos, Our Choice.

Mac apps: Capo, Pixelmator, Anomaly Warzone Earth.



The awards are based on different criteria every year since Apple began the tradition in 1996. The winner of the awards will be announced in Sanfrancisco from June 11 to 15.



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