What’s holding IOS better than ANDROID????

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Ios & Android both have their pros & cons, and mostly it depends on personal preference. Most of us love our smart phones and mobile devices, because they’re pretty great, but it’s good to look at both sides . When we talk about Android it’s just Linux based operating system & ios an operating system for iphones. So what’s makes these 2 different????

Apple ios is an operating system whereas Android is Google developed open source operating system.

According to spaceport.io, ios works 3 times better than android if we talk about HTML 5 games & apps.  Android tablets perform poorly despite their powerful hardware. Some like the Galaxy Tab perform moderately well, but only with certain specific animation techniques.

 If we talk about consistency of a device ios is best suited its name for its consistency or you can say ios is nothing if not consistent. In Apple, there is update fragmentation only between phones & tablets. While in Android it’s between different phones & tablets. So Android will be taking more time for that. Also lack of consistency in Third party applications in Android also a problem.

User Interface of IOS is more pretty & Intuitive than Android. Also if we talk about variety of apps in both ios is still one step ahead. Ios has some of the most elegant, polished, fun, and even useful apps. They may be a bit restricted than Android apps, but it’s not like you can’t jailbreak if you’re looking for more.

The battery life for ios is far better as compared to android. Apple’s battery management tactics are so good that it is also said amount of water in humans is same as the battery in ios.

There are plenty of alternatives of airplay, but none that work quite so elegantly and intuitively. Two-tap video streaming in ios is awesome & won’t find such a nice solution on Android.

IOS designing, user interface, battery life, consistency, gaming & apps all these things make IOS a far better than Android.



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    Neat! Thanks for sharing.

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