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Latitude Messenger for ios App for Apple……

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Latitude Messenger first released by Latitudes Technologies Corporation for ios apps. This is a messenger which allows us to control Latitude sky node features from any where on aircraft instead of tying to message display which is mounted on flight desk. Its features can be upgraded & we don’t need any hardware for that…

New latitude messengers include two-way text messaging between the Sky Node and Latitude Web Sentinel or a standard email account, enabling and disabling of emergency tracking mode, and triggering tracking events. It also controls voice call features like answering calls, placing calls etc.

“We are excited about our latest App development. Our new Latitude Messenger App provides customers the convenience of using their popular ios based products while allowing them to interface with our innovative Sky Node S200. We are a technology company and we continue to develop applications and solutions that match customer demands with the latest innovations.” said Vice President of Information Services Tim Curtis.

For this app you must have Latitude sky node device & Latitude messenger will connect you to Latitude Sky node. After that you can trigger tracking events, view current location updates & send or receive text message.

This app is available on iTunes App store & compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on Apple. Actually this is second app by Latitude technologies


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Mac book Air just for $799!!

The Mac book air considered to be most popular products in Americabelieved to cut its price for $799 in 3rd quarter of year. According to Mashable its price is reduced to compete with the next generation of ultra books.

This MacBook is having a Multi-touch track pad, high resolution display, Intel core Duo processor & NVIDIA graphics all with a long lasting battery life. The best feature is that its mobility mastered i.e. it can handle tasks whether you are in conference, lecture hall or shopping.

It also provides features like SD card slot, stereo speakers & 2 USB 2.0 ports. The next generation Mac Books is believed to be available in 11 & 13 inch models. If these predictions are true this Mac book will be cheaper than earlier ones, including its latest 11-inch 64GB MacBook Air ($999), 11-inch 128GB version ($1,199) and 13-inch 128GB model ($1,299). The line also features a 256GB version that is priced at $1,599.

It’s believed that if prices remain so low it will create lot of pressure on ultra books. I believe that a $799 MacBook Air and packing the technical specifications of the $999 version will be able to attract a lot of customers for Apple.

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Apple Release IOS 5.1.1 for Bug fixing & addressing vulnerabilities in Safari!!!!!!!

Apple released IOS version 5 in Oct, 2011which brings lots of advancements in ios world like Twitter integration, iMessage, iCloud & many more. But there were certain battery drainage problems & air play video playback issues. For resolving these bugs Apple now on Monday introduced IOS 5.1.1.

In addition of bugs fixing, ios 5.1.1 patches three critical vulnerabilities in Safari that frauds the address in the location bar, execute arbitrary code and XSS attacks.

This ios version is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, new iPad, 3rd & 4th generation iPod devices, iPhone 3GS. This free version can be accessed by Software Update tab under General settings.

It can be downloaded using iTunes. This software is labeled as “Build 9 B026”.

Earlier there were certain bugs that incur in Airplay video playback option, this software fix those bugs. Also in certain circumstances after successful purchase, you see “Unable to purchase” alert, that issue is resolved in this version.

Reliability whether in context of HDR for photos using lock screen shortcut or syncing Safari bookmarks & Reading list is improved. It also addresses bugs that prevent new iPad from switching from 2G & 3G networks.


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