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You Have no Idea how rich Apple is as a first Trillion Company!!

Largest Technology & most valuable Company in world “Apple” has become first trillion company of the world. Wall Street analysts predicted that share point has reached to top $1000 each. If we talk before little time Apple’s share was worth $633.38.

Its believed that Apple’s share would worth $1020. in next 12 months. Iphone & Ipad sales had driven Apple’s share price-up and the CEO Tim Crook said “We could have sold more if we’d had more supply. We could not be happier”.

According to newspapers, Apple in Cupertino, Californiahas became the most valuable company in the world currently valued at $590.82 billion.


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MacBook Pro vs Air: which is better?

I would strongly recommend pro!!!!!

If you wants your device for long term usage than you must stick to pro. MacBook pro you can say is power house of laptop. It’s mainly for professional use & if you want to play games with your work than pro is better option….

*More RAM, Air provides you max. RAM of 2 to 4 GB which means fewer programs, less storage & new pro provides a better RAM of 16 GB.

*Mac Book air doesn’t provide you the facility of Disk drive or optical drive for reading & writing on CD/DVD.

*More hard drive in pro for storing music, films, photos etc.

*Provides you the facility of video/music editing.

*Fast processors.

*It has better graphics and you can do way more stuff in the mbp than the MBA.

* Longer battery life if you use and SSD.

Both included free software, with both we need wither iWork or Microsoft Office for Mac.

While for air if you are a college student & wants a portable & durable device you can go for air. Its personnel choice…..


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Apple’s iTv with Siri integration & Face time video call!!!!

Does Apple launch its iTv this year? All this is in predictions but sources says that its details are leaking out. Cult of Mac reports that Apple’s iTv includes Siri integration as well as Face Time video chat.

The source also claims that Apple “used Siri to make a Face Time call.”

It’s also rumored that this iTv resembles like Apple’s Cinema Display monitors. Also iSight camera is also built that allows us to make Face Time calls. This camera tracks faces across rooms allowing video calls through different angles.

CultofMac’s source says that the device he or she saw was exactly the same device Jobs was referring to in that quote. Other details about pricing or release are not revealed yet. Its believed that this iTv won’t hit the market till 2014.


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