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New iPad to hit 30 more countries…

According to Portuguese language website Apple today goona launch its new iPad in 30 Countries & biggest launch in Brazil. With release of iPad 3 in 30 countries today, Apple also going to launch it in Middle East tomorrow.

“Apple continued with its tradition of launching the popular tablet in selected markets first and then the rest of the world”

In Brazil Foxconn has opened plants for iPad production. But no rumors about 3rd generation iPad are going to built in Brazil but in April it was claimed that Apple will built iPad 2 in Brazil.

30 Countries include Argentina,Aruba,Bolivia,Botswana,Brazil,French Guiana,Cambodia,Chile,Costa, Rica,Curacao,Ecuador,Guadeloupe,Jamaica,Kenya,Madagascar,Malta,Martinique,Mauritius,Morocco,Peru, Taiwan,Tunisia,Vietnam,Bahrain,Egypt,Jordan,Qatar, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates.

It’s new features includes Voice Dictation, iCloud, Messages, AirPlay, Twitter Integration, HD Video Recording & Retina Display. The new version also suuport a new A5X with quad-core graphics, a 5-megapixel iSight camera, and 4G mobile connectivity.

You can either purchase directly from Apple or A2u and  Fast Shop on launch date. You can also  download a copy here.


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Telefonica ‘TU Me’ App Targets Skype With Free iPhone Calls..

Telefonica”Spain’s telecom Company has launched VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) Service which offers free mobile communications application to users. It’s the first service to be launched directly to consumers. This service will be offered without any cost no matter whatever phone operator is.

TuMe service use customers plan instead of usual call rates & text messages. O2 said that “the service will continue to be developed with added value functionality”

This app provides you store data online & allows free calls. This will store interactions in timeline format so that you can access it from anywhere. VoIP also  provides services like text messages, sharing photos & voice calls with no need of switch apps & tabs. TuMe connect through WiFi & also allows location measuring features. Various other options like Skype & IMessage are also included in this.

According to Verge, an Android version is already in the pipeline, but if you’re driving an iPhone, you can grab the free download from the App Store now.

On desription of this Shurrock said“We certainly see ways to monetize this app with a business model along the lines of Skype, can’t imagine how much revenue it could generate or how many customers may attract this year”.


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If Its Not iPhone its not amazing Phone yet!!!

5 Reasons to buy iPhone!!!

Apple at present is a leading brand in technology world. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Mac Book’s are always in considered best among all age people. Also search shows that 13% of people just pretend to show they are on phone call just to annoy their colleagues. Using Apple you are not only getting mobile features but a lot more things…..

1. Exchange Capabilities: You can send message or broadcast them with in a bit time. By downloading contact messages for your device you can sort contact of various categories. It keeps you in touch with e-mailing, chat, g-talk or finding a valuable contact. Even latest phones have Facebook & twitter integration that allows you to share your views. Also you can send message through iCloud.

2. Touch: They are fully touch. All instructions are via handy or drag about the display. You don’t have to use picky keypads with style apart. Apple is mainly preferred for its best touch. You can move anything with the tip of your fingers. The touch screen on all models liquid crystal display with scratch-resistant glass

3. Performance: It provides you numerous functions like placing a telephone call with high quality voice. Provides you with Music Player, Digital Camera, Digital Assistant, Navigator, it’s just like your small pc. They also include gyroscopic sensor, accelometer to control Third party apps. Also proximity sensor is there which deactivates the display and touch screen when the device is brought near the face during a call.

4. Audio & Video: This device allows you to have subsequent quantity of storage for songs, movies & TV shows without need of extra music player. Stereo system is also connected with earphones by way of Bluetooth. Apple app store has original songs for just $1. You can also obtain audio with other content using iTunes.

5. Camera & Digital Media: Last but not the least is its camera quality. With digital camera you can reveal your photos with a few clicks. Also you can edit in its screen also. If you are thinking a phone for photography purpose also this also is a best option. It also provide 1080 video recording resolution. So from now just switch to iPhone……..


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