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Ios 5 now safe with Safari 5.1.7

Are you fed up with security issues in Apple? Or you want your disable outdated versions of your device? Good news for you ….

Apple has released a new version of Safari, Safari 5.1.7 which solves your security problems that do not include the latest security updates with disabling out dated versions from running on browser. This decision is same as Apple’s last month move to stop Java plug-in to run automatically.

Actually after Massive Trojan attack on Apple, Apple was forced to take this step. Safari itself was on security flaws from long time that put ios users in risk.

Safari 5.1.7 will run on OS X 10.6 and 10.7, also known as Snow Leopard and Lion, and on Windows XP,Vistaand Windows 7.

With disabling older versions of Flash player Apple fixes all the four flaws that were patched in ios5.1.1. Actually Apple is disabling older version & before versions by moving files in new directory. Also there is option to install updated version of Flash Player from Adobe website by new version of its Safari.

For installing its latest version:

*Firstly navigate to Library /Internet Plug-Ins folder.

*Drag Flash player plug-in.

*If browser is working than quit this & restart your device.

On his move Apple explained:

Out-of-date versions of Adobe Flash Player do not include the latest security updates and will be disabled to help keep your Mac secure. If Safari 5.1.7 detects an out-of-date version of Flash Player on your system, you will see a dialog informing you that Flash Player has been disabled. The dialog provides the option to go directly to Adobe’s website, where you can download and install an updated version of Flash Player.


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Steve Wozniak interviewed about Steve Jobs!!

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak in his brief interview with Australian news station shared his thoughts about Steve Jobs. In his brief interview he shared his views about Steve Jobs &  future of Apple…….

When asked about future of computers & about late Steve jobs, he replied that the foundation of Apple was just a natural process, & he would bring lots of new inventions & hardware. On this he said Jobs “would always find a way to turn them into money.”

Secondly when asked about his early relation with jobs. He described “we both grew up in the counter-culture days, we both admired people who thought differently about things…we were very much alike in that time frame.  Steve was an incredible leader and a manager; he went through an awful lot of things in life that got him to that point. It was upon his return to Apple [that] he now really knew how to run a company and not make mistakes…how to keep track of the operations, and the inventory, and manage every single department there ever was in a company.”

He shared his views & considers that user interaction as a computing step. “These computers are getting more and more human. We’re now touching it like you touch a human, like you touch a real object on a table to move it with your own hand. We’re speaking to our phones and our computers and telling them what to do.”

On the world run by machines Wozniak said, “I’m sort of saying that the virtual world might grow up to do everything for us. I think that’s the future for all technology. I really think we lost this ‘war to machines’ in a sense maybe a couple hundred years ago and it’s our job to be good gods.”


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