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Secure option for ios face detection : “3D Object Recognition”

Apple has created a new Apps “3D Object Recognition” which ensures secure facial recognition for ios. This app was filed in Nov 2011 & published on Thursday. Its best part is that it allows to click 2-dimensional image & convert them into 3D for better visuals. This app is descripted as “The present invention relates to automated object recognition and in particular to automate object recognition of 3D objects using statistical shape information.”

Best in this??

*You can use multiple photos, or even video, to create a 3-D representation of a user’s face.

*With this 3-D representation locked in, it could then be compared in real time from a 2-D image.

*This app allows recognize 10 faces in single photo.

*This app could also be used to identify face in ID cards, passports, instant security, access systems.

*It’s a lower-power-intensive way to identify a device owner when he or she approaches the system.

*Not only faces are identified it provide method for identification of inner organs, tumors and lot more things like vehicles, aircraft etc.

Earlier Apple used this for simply recognizing but with added 3 G features you can also use it as a security feature for IOS devices. This app was filed in Nov 2011 & published on Thursday. Android too has this app but it can be fooled by holding up user photo in front of device.


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Apple “price gouging” ,Australians Inquiring It……..

If you want to buy a new laptop or license for operating system & you think it as a costly one so you must know that to buy your favorite device is often cheaper in US as compared to other countries. If we talk about any country say Europe you can’t imagine here cheapest MacBook Air  costs 15% more than US. Now Australian Govt. is starting an inquiry over price issues.

The inquiry committee for inquiry is also looking at the difference in e-Book & games prices in different countries. When asked they give excuse that local taxes & cost of overseas operation increase cost. According to a report by Australia’s Productivity Commission, “these excuses, in most cases are not persuasive, especially in the case of downloaded music, software and videos, for example, where the costs of delivery to the customer are practically zero and uniform around the world.”

Ed Husic member of the Australian Parliament and committee argues that “small to medium-sized businesses might pay over $10,000 more on software compared to overseas counterparts.”


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