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Apple Planning for Retina Display in Mountain Lion

Apple rumors on Retina Display in Mac devices are on heights. Rumors reveal that doubling of pixels on App icon ensures that Apple has planned for ultra high resolution Retina Display as it has on iPod, iphones etc.

Actually rumors are confronted when OS X10.7.3, which was highest quality icon has 512-by-512 pixels has doubled its resolution in 10.7.4 resolution or Text Edit icon to 1,024-by-1,024 pixels. Also size of icon rose from 209 KB to 1.7 MB.

Also many times Apple itself has given hints about its retina display. Its Retina Display if true would have great impact on web.

Various double resolution icons are also added in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (next generation OS). Last year’s report says that Apple is also planning for 2880-by-1,800 retina display which is expected to be powered by Intel’s lvy Bridgeprocessor.

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Apple may have its own Mapping Solution

Apple on the verge to breaking all ties with Google & excluding Google Map Apps from its upcoming versions. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is bringing its own in-house map app which has 3D mapping technology, which was acquired in 2011.

This app which was developed by C3 technologies is best expected to be released with ios 6 in latest iPhone at WWDC.

Google Street View is replaced by this latest app you can say that this app is similar in look & feel to Google maps with enhanced 3 D mapping. 3D mapping is actually a concept in which you have automated software & enhanced algorithms through which you can assemble 3D models, 2D maps, satellite images or any clicked photograph.

With simple mapping this app features overhead mapping in which with previous mapping you can have 3D review of streets & landscapes with faster & clean interface.

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What makes Apple Inc. (AAPL) co-founder Steve Wozniak to buy shares in Facebook????

Apple cofounder Steve Woznaik, who built the first Apple computer  has now decided to buy shares of social networking site, Facebook at any cost. He greatly influenced by Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, summarized him as an acute businessman who can able to combine both engineering & business management. Praising him Woznaik said:

Mark Zuckerberg is more [of] a real acute businessman with an understanding of markets and what people want, and [an ability to] move on it.

I see Mark Zuckerberg as closer to the combination of us. When he speaks, he speaks with a lot of ideas for users and a lot of good ideas for product overall, it’s very admirable.

 In an interview in Bloomberg television he disclosed that “I would invest in Facebook regardless of its valuation” & considered the Zuckerberg decision as a right strategy for holding off on filing its IPO.

Woznaik, chief scientist of Fusion-io (whose biggest customer is Facebook) on its stats reveal that Facebook alone can make 36 percent of Fusion-io’s revenue. Describing himself as a “laboratory scientist” more than a businessman, Wozniak said he had mixed feelings about a potential takeover of Fusion-io.

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