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Award Winning Applicaton: Citrix

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Citrix an Apple store app has won the award in “Global Awards 2012” For Best app. This award winning app is designed for better user interface & easy access.

What’s best in this….

  • It allows users to run any window app.
  • You can easily work with apps like Oracle, Sap & other versions.
  • You can access business, home desktops & applications with better interface.
  • Secure your information on secure server instead of your desktop.
  • Can move from desktop to smart phone.
  • It supports broadcast range of native platform.
  • Support native touch capabilities, VoIP features & multimedia redirection.
  • Receiver for iPhone uses Citrix HDX to deliver high-definition content to the device so that Flash and Silver light content can be viewed as well

You can Download Now & feel best experience……..

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Facebook pretty awesome with Foursquare!!

Are you wondering to find a way to make your friends more jealous when you are in party or enjoying their favorite place? Foursquare has just brought a latest update for you. It’s just like an icing on cake to make your friends jealous.

Foursquare has announced a pretty nice update by integrating Facebook timeline with your foursquare updates. Foursquare check-ins will now appear as a notification on your timeline map.

Foursquare check-ins posted to Facebook finally appear on the timeline map

As in Foursquare you see all updates of visitor’s locations, their photographs, their review about the location all these are now going to be updated on your Facebook to timeline map. You can also check out your friend’s location just by checking out his Facebook timeline. Foursquare with Facebook integration is going to bring very pretty changes in your social life. Waiting for the time when foursquare going to be integrated with Facebook.


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Apple spotted to change “WiFi + 4G” to “WiFi + Cellular”

Apple has taken back its claim of 4 G connectivity of new iPad inAustraliaas 4 G networks are not being supported there. This change will take place globally with in a weekend.

With lots of complaints from 4 G networking Apple came with decision of changing “WiFi + 4G” tablet to “WiFi + Cellular”.

“The new iPad supports many high speed networks around the world, including LTE in theUSandCanadaand HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA in many countries. Carriers do not all refer to their high speed networks with the same terminology, therefore we’ve decided to use ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’ as a simple term which describes all the high speed networks supported by the new iPad. The advanced wireless features of the new iPad have not changed,” said Apple.

Mail critic point is that 4G LTE only functions in theU.S.andCanada, on a total of five carriers.  The new iPad name of “iPad WiFi + Cellular” can now be seen across Apple retail stores also have begun changing out their symbol to new “WiFi + Cellular” marketing


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