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World’s largest Telecom Company China is in talks with Apple

China mobile engaged in talks with Apple to carry Iphone inChina. China which is the world’s biggest telecom company having 650 million subscribers, discussing issue with Apple for their problem of not having 3 G technology for its current Iphone models. Out of which it has 15 million Iphone users who are only enable to use 3 G & remain satisfied with 2 G Networks.

“We discussed this issue with Apple. We hope Apple will produce a new Iphone with TD-LTE. We have already got a positive answer from Apple.”  Wang said in an interview. Analysts report that for the solution of the problem next generation Iphone’s will have Qualcom Inc chip for China Mobile network.

Apple already linked with China Unicom & China Telecom & after deal with China Mobile increase Apple reach further.

Xi said China Mobile is expanding its services outsideChinain Hong Kong & US.  “We want to become a more global company. For that to happen, we are interested in tapping other markets such as Hong Kong and theUnited States,” Xi said.


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Ios still on Lead than Android “Velti Reports”

According to Velti, Ios has widened the lead over Android in Mobile & Impressions. If we talk about last month it was reported that Apple is slightly ahead of Android. But now it accounted for 55 % for Ios & 45% for Android.

The data is based from Velti’s Mobclix Exchange, which sustain to more than 33,500 apps, the company concluded.

Ios lead is on the fact of its impressions of top devices like 15 percent impressions on iPod devices, 20% on Iphone, and 13 % on Ipad & Android only 2.3%.

Also this is true that Apple is not leading in every context if we talk about New Ipad its growth is just 8% while Ipad 2 was at 13% in its release cycle.

If we see things acc to carrier AT&T is dominant, with 53 percent of impressions, compared to 24 percent for Verizon and 19 percent for sprint.


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Judges’ choice of Best Overall Mobile App. “WhatsApp”

“This was best overall Mobile App.”  said by Judges at Global Mobile Awards 2012 for best app “WhatsApp”. Yes, you are thinking right WhatsApp has won best app this year. This messenger app provides iPhone users with familiar look & feel of desktop programs on their Phones.

Pretty Awesome Features:

  • Cost Effective: You can send millions of messages for free once you upload this app.
  • Messaging:  This messenger allows you exchange messages without any payment.
  • Contacts: Address book automatically connect you to your contacts.
  • Notifications: Get notifications when your friends change mobile status.
  • Copy: You can copy image from buffer to conversation.
  • Video: Allow video editing for sending.
  • Search: You can search for message history.
  • Background: Let you change background to make your device look better.
  • GPS: Enable to send GPS location on map.
  • Enjoy group chat with your friends all overIndiawithout the need of any login/logout options.

This app offer lot of other features & best role of this app is in texting when you want to do tension free usage of messages. You can download here…

What you think of this app????