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3 Top GPS apps: North America, U.S.A & Europe!!!!!

What’s the need of GPS Navigation Apps????

When you lost somewhere it’s used to find your exact location, to find your favorite places. Even at the time when you forgot where you parked your car, by just a tap you can find its location using your iPhone. We can even find sun set & sun rise times. It provides you up-to-date maps of various locations, tell you about safety features to make you drive well or inform you about traffic & lot more things.

Various fantastic apps are provided by Apple store to make your life easy & better user interface. Some of these are given below: 

Navigon NorthAmerica:

Navigon NorthAmerica is one of the best iPhone app, it provide you all the safety rules, traffic and latest updates. It display’s in both 2-D & 3-D maps (bird’s eye view). It has route planning function & reality scanner for POI searches. In addition to it, it has SOS emergency help which help you in critical situations. Its can also be used as multitasking now.


It’s a U.S.A navigation app which provides you 3-D landmarks, voice prompted turn by turn directions & speed/light camera alerts. Interesting fact of GarminUSA is that it has optional-in purchase integration which allows you update real time traffic, fuel pricing, photo live traffic cameras. You can also share location through FaceBook.

Co Pilot Live Europe:

It’s like your personal traveling assistant which instructs you turn by turn & is one of most affordable navigation app. It provide street map of particular location of your interest. Even via phone calls you can have Push notifications. In  Co Pilot Live Europe  you can have views in 2-D & 3-D maps, also provides realistic displays in complicated junctions. It also checks weather of particular location.

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Is iPhone 5 delaying for its 4-inch Display?????

Good news for all those who were waiting for Apple iPhone 5 from a long time. With its expected features like Liquid metal display or Ios 6, Apple has reported that latest iPhone will have bigger screen as compared to its present models.

The sources reported that there must be “half inch” increase in screen as compared to present models which has 3.5 inch. The new screen estimated to be of 4-inch diagonally & their production will set to begin next month.

According to Journal’s report Apple has started ordering new screens from 3 different suppliers from South Korea & Japan-Korea’s LG Display, Sharp Corp, and Japan Display Inc. Reuters & their assembly will start next month.

Apple decision of larger screen can be a thought as a step to compete with Samsung Galaxy SIII which has 4.8 inch screen, but screen is not everything, Iphone having Liquid metal which makes phone almost weightless as compared to Samsung Galaxy which has plastic covering. Iphone 5 also supporting Near FIELD communication (NFC), which allows data to be transferred without WiFi connection.

Iphone rumors also indicate that this device will have 20% thinner screen with metal on back side & a dock connector.

 Does Apple’s trial of using bigger screen can stick to Company’s expectations??????

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Wanna lose Weight : Best Weight Loss Apps For You!!!!

Best Weight Loss App:

In this fast life phase you don’t have time for jogging or exercising, & it create problem when you gain weight. But Apple has brought you with quite new app that guide to lose weight even on your Iphone. There are awesome apps available in Apple store & here is brief review of some…..

Lose It:

Lose It gives you an awesome calorie budget to check your consumption. It’s actually a calorie tracker. It provides you vast database of foods chart & exercises. It tracks your progress & restrict calorie intake. All data can be taken down on spreadsheet. If you seriously wanted to loose weight I no doubt recommend Lose It. You can have tricks to Download from here.

Weight watchers:

This app is really awesome to provide you healthier food choices. This is one of best way to monitor your diet plan calculating points, search for nutritional restaurants. This is best solution for improving your eating habits. You can see your weight loss chart through maps. Also it track points for food & other activity.


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