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Apple won the domain

Great Victory for Apple!!!!


Apple won its dispute over domain name “” against World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Earlier Apple has also won disputes over and even from the same organization.

“WIPO recently posted to its website that the domain has been ‘Terminated’, with the domain owner expected to have relinquished ownership. The domain is now being held by brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which may have been used by Apple to take ownership.” according to Brian reports.

Brian reports, “The dispute doesn’t confirm that Apple will name its next-generation smart phone ‘iPhone 5,’ the company is probably acting to stop people from profiting from its trademarks.”

Will Apple continue its control over domain war in &


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Would Google really bringing a beta version of its browser to iOS?????

Google is releasing a Google Chrome version for IOS devices to give competition to Safari. According toMacquarieits launch would be by this quarter.

Actually there was Browser war in 1990 between Internet explorer & Netscape & in its ignitition, Chrome is now initiating “Browser Wars”. Now Google is trying to give competition to Apple’s Safari.

All browsers of ios as third party apps are based on WebKit even all the present versions of Chrome, Windows & Mac are available on Web kit. So it will be easy to embed Google Chrome.

If we talk about Google Chrome Analyst Ben Schacter believes it as a “home run” for Google for reducing traffic costs. Also there were also some TV promotions held for Chrome by Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber which quadrupled company’s budget last year to $213 million. “Also some more publicity steps will be taken in near future” Analyst said.

In Feb. Google own a Chrome version for generic browser of Android but it was released only for mobile version of Google Play app. All the third party browsers that rival Safari are rejected by Apple now we have to see how successful Chrome will be for Ios. There are lot of questions regarding feasibility of Google Chrome.



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Evernote with new editing capabilities and creativity for Ios

Ever note one of the best & award winning app which is an awesome app for forgetful souls & minds. Apple has come with updated version of Ever note which is like icing on the cake. These pretty features has made Ever note more reliable & intuitive.

Exclusive Features of Evernote:


 Helps in synchronizing notes, files by either notebook or using tags.


You can share your notebook & files on FaceBook & Twitter with this you can send email of your notes.


 You can keep a track of travel plans, plane tickets, passports; you can also organize recipes, shopping list, and your funny or motivational ideas.

Finally it helps you to maintain to-do list, captures photos, record voice & other people can search or edit it.

Added Extravagant Features:

*Redesigned Screen

Complete redesigning of note taking screen has improved placement of attachment buttons for accessing text styling & note information.

*Card View

It turns your notes into note card for visibility on larger board.

*Note Editor

Have easy access to text styling & attachment options. Simplified checkboxes are also included in this.


Options like you can count no. of words, better printing & keyboard shortcuts for date stamps (CMD+Shift+D for date, CMD+Shift+Option+D for time)

*New Check Box options to maintain list & a new audio recorder are integrated with this update.


Evernote will link you to iCloud Photo Stream to view images from Evernote App. With this you can now have a snapshot of images.

With all these updates & features, you can’t even imagine how useful it will to you. Its just fantastic notes making solution!!!!!

You can also download this app from here.


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