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Best alternate Browsers for your Iphone and Ipad

Best Iphone & Ipad Browsers

Apple offer Safari web browser than why we need third party browser?? iLegendSoft’s commented “To fill the void of Safari’s missing features”.

What are these voids & how various browsers fill this? Have a look…….


Mercury is an app that is optimized for the iPhone, iPod touch, and Ipad. Mercury offers various browser tabs, themes, downloading, unzipping, screen dimming & various other options that are not included in Safari. This browser also offers full screen browsing. This also save web pages, transfer files to Mac.


 Sky fire a web browser is the best browser for watching Flash videos on your iPhone. Skyfire is mainly optimized for flash video reviewing. It supports around 20,000 websites. This app also private browsing, sharing via pizza, twitter. This app also has tabs.

Opera Mini

This is best alternate for Safari. This is much faster than any browser, its 6 times faster than any browser because it shows compressed version of web pages. It can compress up to 90%. It synchronizes bookmarks & you can speed dial with desktop pc.

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Bar Code Scanner: A secret smart Shopper!!!!

Are you fond of shopping? Need a shopping guide for you? Barcode scanner is secret smart shopper for you available in Apple store. This scanner scans barcode of any product you want to purchase & you can view prices, items & also scans QR code. It makes your shopping easier & faster than ever.

After scanning you can see image of the product, better location to shop like near by stores, you can get online reviews, better option of your purchase. It also provides you clean shopping like you can scan food with this & get all allergic information regarding that.

6 Reasons that make Scanner different from others:

  • Scan all retail shops codes like UPC, EAN, UPC-E, and EAN-8.
  • You can share your shopping list via FaceBook, Email or SMS.
  • Creates personal QR codes with relocation, websites URL.
  • Search Pricing on all retail shops, finds nearest location & stores on map.
  • You can get description, nutritional value of product.
  • You can also archive your product like CD, DVD, books & your latest collection.

I think it as a Best Shopping solution for you!!!!! Rate this if you consider Scanner a better option for you.


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