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Best Twitter application: Tweet Deck!!!!!

Tweet deck an Ios twitter app that offers twitter functionality on you Iphone with some new features. It is actually your desktop power house that brings quick filtering. It offers you with all twitter options. It also features FaceBook status integration.  Even you can share your geolocation information & you can search people through their usernames.

Twitter owned this due to its ability to sort, organize & manage your Twitter stuff. With posting you can retweet, send direct messages, and add your favorites all things that you can do on your twitter accounts. The iPhone allow you to view one column at a time & swipe options, but good point is that you can add columns for tracking other users.

The main feature is that you can post to multiple twitter accounts at a time. Navigative features are also added in this to discover feeds that are just with touch of button.

Its easy to use you can login to Tweet Deck or just provide them with your twitter or FaceBook account.

The main disadvantage is that you can’t schedule it like your Twitter account. Also it does not support Ios 5, Push notifications.


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Application of the weak : Pocket Application

Pocket app is the best app & is among the 300 leading apps. It’s a replacement of “Read it later” app. The best part is that it can be viewed offline. This app provides a readable feature that is almost lacking in most of the applications. Once you save this you can just see the contents on your phone, tablet or pc.

Recently on IOS this app has won many hearts & since its launch with in 3 weeks 2 million downloads were done & up to now its range may reached to 5 million.

“We’ve been blown away by the response to Pocket. Making the move from Read It Later to Pocket was a huge step, and to have the reaction be so overwhelmingly positive is great affirmation of the direction we are headed,” said Nate Weiner, founder and creator of Pocket. “We put a lot of heart into Pocket and we remain hard at work to make this the best experience for saving content for later.”

Best in it:

  • You can add URL from clipboard. This app detects URL that has been copied & adds them directly to Pocket.
  • Various video sites are also included in this like TED,Devour & KhanAcademy.
  • It provides various new themes like dark themes which allow you read even in night.
  • This allows taking advantage of Third party adoption.
  • You can now swipe left or right in article without scrolling.
  • It automatically separate multimedia so that it will be easy to find later & organize them.

Pocket is available for free in the App Store for Download.


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