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iPhone 4S sales hit Apple’s market share in China to 16%!!!!

According to Woori reports Apple’s market share has been doubled from 8 % to 19%. It concludes that Apple sales have hit 6.2 million devices within 2 months while its earlier sales were 2.1 million per quarter.

Regarding their quarterly revenue its of $39.2 billion with $11.6 billion net profit. Also within just 3 month period its sales has reached 35.1 million for iPhones & 11.8 million iPads.

Apple integrating with China Mobile & it’s estimated that their agreement going to be successful for the next generation iPhones that lead to growth of its subscribers. But the sale of new smartphone still leave Apple behind Samsung which hit 9 million at the end of 2011.

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Apple still dominating Market

Apple still managed to maintain its topmost position in world’s no. 1 brand beating Google & IBM, according to 2012 Brandz Top 100 report. According to Millward Brown’s study Apple brand value increased by 19% from last year to reach $182.9 billion. These figures also reveal that IBM has ($116 million) & Google ($108 million), McDonalds ($95 million) & Microsoft ($77 million) brand value.

Top 10 most valuable brands includes IBM occupying second position after Apple, Google on 3rd, McDonalds(non tech) on 4th, Microsoft 5th, Coke(non tech) on 6th position, Malboro now on 7th, AT & T occupying 8th rank, Verizon 9th & last is World’s Largest Carrier.

Nick Cooper, MD of WPP-owned Millward Brown concluded:

When cars first appeared or when air travel first appeared, they became liberating. It’s the turn of the technology sector at the moment.

 Today a social networking site which has showed growth of 74 % but still it is behind Walmart & Amazon. On these stats Nick cooper said

Consumer technology is receiving same kind of scrutiny once reserved for banks & brands have to respond convincingly to increase regulatory oversight. This may impact social brands like FaceBook in future.

You can see Brandz Top 100 2012 here.

For top 100 brands 2011 see:


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“Chase” an iPhone app to manage banking accounts!

Have you ever thought of a mobile app that manages your account or make your transactions? Chase a mobile app is a banking app which helps you manage all your accounts through your mobile devices. This app is fastly resonating among today generation.

Chase provides you an easy solution to manage & organize all your personal accounts with in a bit of time. It’s like your 24X7 banking on your device. When you make any transaction you can have full review of your balance except debit cards or check transaction for that you must have a qualified Chase Transfer Account.

 What Chase can do for you??

*Monitor: Firstly it monitors credit/debit card status. You can also see balance & transaction history.

*Push Notifications: You will have alerts for your deposited amount, ACH transfers &      Account balance.

*Chase locations: It saves your time & find nearest Chase branch or ATM.

*Perform Transactions: When you want to transfer money between Chase accounts or Pay your electricity or all kinds of bill than switch to Chase. You can also make deposits with Quick Deposit. Make changes with pending transaction can also be done.

*Quick pay: It’s a person to person Quick pay which allow you to transfer funds to someone else’s using their email address.

You can click photos of your check and than en cash it for this Chase provides you instructions for photos like

 Download Chase for your efficient transactions!!!!!!


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