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Gas Buddy: A cheapest fuel finder on your Iphone!!!!

Save your money on your Iphone. With the hiking fuel prices & gas charges Ios provides you a best way to find solution of problem.Gas Buddy an iPhone app is a best fuel finder. You will find cheapest fuel & gas with just one tab. No need to waste your fuel over searching of cheapest & nearby gas stations. It locates nearby gas stations & see gas prices.Even you earn points for gas reports & $250 gas card every weak!!!!

Encourage everyone to save gas & use gas Buddy!!!!! You can download this app for free…..

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“Clueful” A privacy app for Ios spies other apps for security behavior!!!!

Do you think your Iphone device is insecure? You want to know who is tracking your personal information or social accounts. Apple has launched a new Ios app to track what’s going behind the scenes….

Security firm Bitdefender recently launched Clueful which aims create app privacy more transparent to you. You can check out which app is revealing your personal information that you don’t want to share with others.

When I installed Clueful app it shocked me even my favorite apps were accessing my information. Strange But true!!!!!

“Your iPhone is probably the most personal device you own, holding vast amounts of information about what you do, who you are, and where you go,” Bitdefender chief security researcher Alexandru Catalin Cosoi said in a statement.

Clueful features:

“Clueful tells you what kinds of private information apps can access so you can make an informed decision whether to use that app.”

This Iphone app identifies

*Other app on your device that may be tracking your information, tracking your Google, FaceBook accounts.

*Scans what is installed & places them in an ordered list, in short we can say track your usage.

*Applications that use more battery.

*App’s that use our Iphone Unique identification.

*Applications that are risky for us & we even don’t put efforts to check them out.

*Scans whether data is being encrypted.

*Suggest you what kinds of apps are to be purchased that are secure for you.

Earlier app like Fire gathers all user information without asking. This leads to violation of security. This time Bitdefender comes with new app “Clueful” that secures your device…This app is just available for you in $3.99.

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