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TinyTap turns moments in to games!!!!

TinyTap a new Ipad app designed specially for kids that turn their best shared moments in to “educational games”. It’s a best option to entertain your young ones with an enhanced thought. This app not only made your child a game player but also a game creator.

Designed specially for 4 above age group this app introduces a better option to personalize your gaming by “recording your own voice” option which offers you to customize your playbook & game with your own voice, narration & music.  Every time your child plays game he hears his lovable ones voice playing with them.

This is a best way to wrap kids little minds. You can record, ask a question in between, and add hints, photos, so your little ones could also enjoy a familiar experience.

You can visualize your little ones progress & also share them with your friends & family. The enhanced graphics that you will love to see with retina display make your gaming more real.  In all, it’s just best to enhance child imagination with colors, animals & various educational creativities.

It’s simple to use: just add photo, record questions, music & answers just ready to use!!!!

You can download this app here!!!

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