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“Find my iPhone” apps :Here we find!!!!

You must be wandering how this app can help you. Actually there are lots of circumstances when you don’t have any idea where your phone can be either in conference, or lost somewhere. Under these circumstances you don’t have to worry, just install “Find My iPhone” and you are not far away from your iPhone.

Not only your iPhone, you can also install this app for free for your iPad, iPod touch or Mac devices. With locating your ios device on Google Maps you can also lock your device when you find data in your iphone is protected one.

Other features:

Locate your ios devices on Map

Fortunately, when you lose your iPhone “Find my iPhone’ will help you. For this you have to just sign in to on other iPhone to view location of your device on Map.

 Lock your device:

When you realize that your phone contains some protected contents in that case you can set a 4 digit password on your device.

 Remote wiping:

In case your iPhone is lost & find no good results for its return than you can remote wipe your private data. You can restore wiped data from iTunes or iCloud.

Play a sound or Display message:

The most unique feature of this app is that in case you forget location of your device in that case your device will automatically switch from silent mode to ringing for 2 minutes, also it will display a message on your device to call at this number if found a device.

 For installing app you have to go through certain steps:

  • Firstly check your device it must be ios 5 version or later. For checking your device goto settings<General and see its version. If its not updated version you can update it.
  • After checking device set your mobile me account or you can also turn on iCloud.
  • Enable Find my Ios downloads.
  • Now test the service on web.

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