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5 Best Quote Apps for your Iphone

Are you are a quotes lover, or trying to send your girl/boy friend a subliminal message then Quotes for iPhone will be your perfect companion. IPhone has a great collection of quote apps which are designed with beauty. With these apps you can search for your favorite quotes and their author. Also you can share your best quotes with your friends on Facebook.

Here is a list of best quote app for you:

Quotes Plus: This app provide you simplest and beautifully crafted user interface. You can search your favorite authors quote arranged in a well planned alphabetical manner. After selection you can play music and see the quotes as a slide show. The best part of this is that you don’t need any internet connection.

 Quotationary: A huge collection of quotes it contains 30,000 famous quotations from 10,000 authors. It has well polished interface that allow swipe for next and previous. You can share your quotes on Facebook and twitter.

Wisdom Quote HD: An award winning app for iPhone provides you hand picked quotes. It uses accelerometer to turn pages like a real life book. With a push button you can randomly select “Quote of day”, and provides you the ability to set your favorites and to do keyword searches through the quotes.

Quotes for Facebook: All quotes are arranged in categorized form. It provides you ability to mark your favorite quote, browse quotes, email, text a quote to your Facebook profile. It has 40 categories and 3000+ quotes to choose from.

23,000 Great quotes: From the name depicts it consist a huge range of quotes from 7000+ authors. Not only authors quotes it includes quotes from various politicians, philosophers, movies, books and more.

Which app you think best???

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Google Chrome and Google Drive lands on IOS

Google at I/O conference in San Francisco on Thursday announced two of its app Chrome Browser and Google drive for iPhone and iPad. It’s also revealed that Google+ is also coming soon on iPad. Google also revealed its Nexus tablet.

“It was an acknowledgement that people love iOS,” Trapanisaid. “I’m really happy to see that they’re getting their best stuff on [Apple’s] platform.

Addition of its Google Chrome Browser for ios means now Google users get experience of multiple devices like iPhones and iPads. This means tabs that you open in computer can be accessed on Chrome browser on your smart phone. Developers can build voice recognition in Chrome apps. They can give commands to their apps without touching or typing. “Chrome for iOS provides the same fast, secure and stable web browsing experience you’ve come to enjoy when using Chrome on your desktop while also adapting to platform specific technical specifications,” Google said.

Brian Rakowski, vice president of Chrome, showed how the browser will work on ios devices.

Mashable stated that “Chrome for iOS is basically a skinned version of Mobile Safari minus the Nitro JavaScript engine — which Apple restricts to Mobile Safari for “security reasons.” Also since Apple doesn’t provide an option to select default apps in iOS touching links in apps (email, messages, etc.) only opens them in Safari.

Drive service lets people to share and store documents. “We brought many of the best features of Drive to mobile,” said Clay Bavor. Best feature include images can be scanned and stored as pdf files in Google drive. With Google search you can search them.

Like picture taken at River rafting can be stored in Google drive and you can search by “River rafting” and Google tech recognize picture.

This capability is now available for word documents and later for spread sheets and presentations. Google is also working for sync of Google Drive documents between different devices and share your work with your friends regardless of device used.

Developers can now design their apps to send faxes, and send and receive documents, using Drive.

Google says that more than 10 million people began using Google Drive in just over 10 weeks after its release.

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iOS 6 beta for Apple TV allow customizable app icon

Leaked details about Apple WWDC conference says that Apple would roll out its set up box for Apple’s TV.  Ios 6 Beta for TV set top box allow app icons to move around home screen. Currently available for developers this make app icon to wiggle around.

Its just simple to use you just have to hold remote’s center button, when icon begin to shake you can move it where you need. Apple introduced similar feature in 2008 that led developers build own app. holding the select button will put device on sleep mode. At a time one icon can be moved.

Watch video:

Apple issued its next software update along with ios6 beta 2 for iPhone, iPad & iPad touch. The upcoming edition of icon grid can be seen as making Apple tv one step closer to receive its own app store designed for HDTV’s.

Developers can make app for $99 set top box.

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