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Apple iPhone 4s vs. Android Samsung Galaxy s3 war!!!

Apple no. 1 brand in today’s scenario has no reasons to be worried with launch of S3. Despite s3 large touch screen & various other features, it’s lacking in design flair & various other features.

 Voice Assistant:

If we talk about voice assistant capability but of course Iphone’s Siri wins. After watching the footage you will realize how slow s3 is. Jon Reckones tested his voice in both Siri & S voice; he realized S3 is agonizingly slow.


There is another test conducted between S3 & 4s regarding dropping of devices at 3 different locations of rest to motion. In three tests conducted Apple iPhone 4s seemed to win in 2 out of 3 challenges.


Galaxy S3 & iPhone 4S both has 8 megapixels rear camera with 1080 p video recording capability.

 Other features in Apple iPhone are:

*Iphone 4s has VGA camera.

*960*640 Retina Display with 329 ppi.

*Apple’s has its own Airplay that can stream 720 p video to Apple TV.

Still Apple iphone is a winner. Lets see what iPhone 5 will bring to technology!!!!


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