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Apple 3D mapping vs Google Maps!!!!

After Apple’s decision to create its own Mapping solution, Google to give a competition has unveiled its new mapping technologies. Actually Apple has decided to bring 3D mapping to iPhones that could replace Google maps &  Google to maintain its position in market has taken this step.

Google on a media event on Wednesday announces various new features that would be added to Google Maps. Various features include:

*Street level views.

* Automated technology to extract 3D views from aerial images giving you travel guide by using planes that fly only for Google.

*Offline Google Maps for Android & IOS which will work without network coverage will also be coming soon.

Describing Latest Google Maps Brian McClendon said “It’s much more than finding a way home. We are trying to create magic here & it’s almost your personal helicopter hovering over city”

This was a biggest effort by Google to make million of Apple users to use Google Maps rather than IOS Maps.

Apple 3D mapping releasing on June 11.

Will Apple Maps will be better than Google or Apple users have to switch to Google Maps???? Big Mystery behind this!!!!

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