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Airport Express for Apple updated!!!!!

Apple quietly updated its hardware “Airport Express”. Despite of Apple’s various launches this was the most unexpected update. Also Apple has updated ios “Airport Utility” that support IPV6.

Airport Express now supports “Airport Extreme” one feature i.e. dual band 802.1 and WiFi connection. You can now perform initial setup via ios device. Various updates include AirPlay & Wireless Printing.

This device brings complete redesign hardware. Its exterior looks like Apple Tv rather than HDMI port. On its front you have status light which blinks in amber colors. There are ports at back:  ethernet ports :one WAN & other for LAN , USB port, 3.5 mm audio mini jack for analog & optical digital sound & reset button.

Also resolved some of its earlier features like:

You have to plug-in your device into power outlet that makes ports clumpsy. But this design resolves by using old power cable.

Like Apple laptops the Airport express is available from Apple Web Store for $99( as earlier).

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Apple launched Macbook pro featuring Retina Display for Rs 1, 52,900!!!

World’s highest resolution notebook “Macbook Pro” for Apple launched. 15 inch Macbook pro featuring Retina Display & incur with quad processors in light design. Weighing only 4.46 pounds, this is World’s ever lightest pro.

Yesterday at WWDC meet Tim crook said that “With a gorgeous Retina display, all flash architecture and a radically thin and light design, the new MacBook Pro is the most advanced Mac we have ever built,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. 

 Stunning features in Macbook Pro:

  1. Pixels: Provide pixels up to 5 million pixels i.e. 3 million more than normal HD TV.
  2. Flash Storage: Its storage of 768 GB is four times faster than traditional notebook hard drive. It offers 4 simultaneous streaming of uncompressed 1080 HD video. With improved reliability it offers 30 day stand by & instant in responsiveness.
  3. Processor: Intel quad-Core i7 processor ranging 2 GHZ with Turbo speed up to 3.7 GHZ.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M.
  5. RAM: 16 GB of faster 1600 MHz RAM.
  6. Ports: 2 thunderbolts & 2 USB 3.0 to connect multiple display & high performance devices.
  7. Battery: Provide 7 hours of wireless productivity & adaptive charging technology for 1000 recharges.
  8. Camera: Facetime HD camera.
  9. Display: Declared world’s beautiful highest resolution display wiyh whopping 2800X1800.
  10. Other features:
  • Multi touch track pad.
  • Enhanced speakers.
  • Full size back lit keyboard.
  • 3 stream 802.1 WiFi.
  • Thin mag safe 2 power port.
  • OS X Lion is updated in this.
  • 8 GB memory.


  • 13 inch pro with 500 GB hard drive for Rs 81,900.
  • 13 inch pro with 750 GB hard drive for Rs 99,000.
  • 15 inch pro with 500 GB HDD for Rs 1, 22,900.
  • 15 inch pro with 750 GB HDD for Rs 1, 52,900.

For more details about Macbook pro visit us on Twitter.

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12 best features in ios 6 at WWDC that hold you and its release date!!!!!

Apple revealed 200 new updates & improvements for its latest version ios 6. For business users & for all sorts of people these features will bring about revolutionary changes. If we talk about its various features there are various worthy features listed below…..

ios 6 likely to come in Autumn season…..

1.Mapping: Apple brings its own mapping solution instead of using Google Maps. Various features includes:

*Vector maps.

*3D satellite view.

*Traffic & Siri integration.

2. VIP mail (Business): It let you designate your contacts as VIPs & let filter messages from VIP mail folder.

3. Facebook integration: You can now share your photos on Facebook from Photos apps & like apps. Not only sharing you can upload photos.

4. Facetime over 3G: You can able to make Facetime calls when connected to 3G network.

5. Turn by turn navigation: Now your iPhone can steer from one location to other in voice guided manner without need of third party apps. In addition to that with Siri integration you can search for nearest gas station & trip timing.

6. Safari Updations: Integration with iCloud that synchronize browser tabs & offline reading is added.

7. Passbook (Business also): It keeps all your Airline tickets, loyality cards, hotel reservations in convenient location. Its location aware means you don’t need to lock screen when you enter airport.

8. Lost mode: Earlier you have to upload an apps “Find my iPhone” in case you lost your phone but ios 6 brings a latest update to send a phone number to get a call.

9. Siri: New update of Siri will check your sports, movie & restaurant reservations.

10. Do Not Disturb: Prevent unnecessary calls at night but allows special calls.

11. Dictionaries: French, German & Spanish dictionaries are added in this.

12. New features: When you get a call you can 2 options accept or decline. Now 2 additional features:

Reply with message or Remind later are added.

Support: ios 6 support iPhone 3GS and later & 2nd & 3rd generation iPads & 4th generation iPod touch.

For more updates see Twitter.

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