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Tips to install ios beta 6

For those who can’t wait for Apple’s ios 6 release, Apple has released a beta version for ios 6 for $8 for developers. The process of download is easy. But keep in mind Beta version don’t support some of applications.

How to Download:

  • For downloading Login to ios Developer center.
  • Click ios Portable link.
  • Click devices>add devices.

  • Enter your UDID code for that you have to register with  IMZDL.
  • Connect your iPhone to computer & perform back up with iTunes.
  • Download iTunes beta from IMZDL.
  • Backup your iPhone & Ipad again.
  • Download ios 6 beta.
  • Now download iTunes 10.6.3.
  • Select your device from navigation pane on left side using Alt+OPTION & select restore.
  • Navigate to .IPSW file.
  • After iTunes extract files restore device from back up done in first step.

Compatible with:

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad & fourth generation iPod touch.

Beta warnings:

Most of applications don’t work well with ios 6 beta & there might be possibility that your iPhone work slow. This version is mainly for developers not normal users.

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What Siri can do For you and its updates?????

Siri a personal assistant for Apple’s IOS is a user interface to let you do things you want. Apple on its WWDC also enhanced some of its features. The sum total of all are given below.

 It understands what you say to it….

You can talk to Siri as you are talking to a person. Like you say “Call My Dad”. Siri would show you your dad’s number with a calling button. Also other things like you I want to go for Pizza. Siri will search for Pizza’s spot nearby where you find best pizza. It works for you & answer your questions. It does not need any command for response. It understands your voice.

 It reminds you what your daily routine…..

Some of you might be in habit to forget things like your appointments for business or doctor & birthdays. Siri works for you it reminds you about your scheduling. You can tell your Siri about “Call a taxi” or “Remind about birthday”. Even in your busy schedule it works for you. Your location based reminder works like go to Settings > Location Services.

 It searches for you….

It looks where you are & accordingly search best option to go. It finds answer through Yelp & Wolfram Alpha. It searches everything & anything for you.

 Its knows much

  • By using all built in apps it do anything you want.
  • It plays songs that you want to hear.
  • Place calls & schedule meetings.
  • Set an Alarm or timer.
  • Track your stocks.
  • Check weather.

It works with various apps like Music, Mail, Messages, calendar, contacts, weather, stocks, and alarm, Find my friends notes etc.

 Siri updates on ios 6:

Integration with car: “Eyes free”

Apple will be integrating with various automobile manufacturers to build Siri access. With just a tap of button you will get traffic conditions, booking a dinner reservation, finding a local business or call anyone all will be available in your car itself. Manufactures which are integrating with this are BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi,Toyota, and Chevrolet & Honda.

 New language packs:

As Siri the best feature of Apple speaks English so Apple has brought new language support like Japanese, French,Canada, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Cantonese. German,UK, Swiss & Australian English look to be included.

 Games & applications:

Apple has integrated with games as well. You just type “Play Temple Run”. You can immediately start game.


You get scores of various games just by saying scores. It also gives box score to know how game going on…

Also you can book movie tickets, check movie scheduling, restaurant reservations.

 What more you want??? 

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