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Apple WWDC 11 JUNE live!!!

Apple announced various products in its WWDC event on 11 june like Macbook Pro, revealed ios 6 features, its own 3d mapping & OS X 10.8 features. The live preview of WWDC of june 11 can be seen below:

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True Caller a global caller ID for your device!!!!

True Caller an iPhone app is a worldwide recognition service that is just like your real time mobile caller ID. It features social caller ID, callerID+, call filter, update phone book, SMS pop-up &  tweet. It’s an app which claims number lookup. It shows who is calling even that’s not in your phone book.

 *Update phone book & spam calls: With just a single click you can update missing address information. You can also search +500 million numbers world wide. This app identifies number & gives you the user name. By this it also protects spam calls.

 *Filter database: Filter phone calls all over world. It filters numbers which are either useless or random calls that are unwanted. Any unwanted or fraud number will be “Blocked” & notification appear on screen.

 *Synchronization with Face Book: All face book contacts could be synchronized using this apps. It also adds your friend’s birthday in your phone book.

True caller’s supported platforms: Android, ios, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone.

 Price: For Android, Symbian & Window Phone it’s for $6.99 & for ios users its for $2.99. Its free version is also available.

Warning: It shares your private data call logs & contacts.

Download here!!!!

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