Blue Stack App Player(Alpha) available for Apple Macintosh now!!!

Blue Stacks a software company has opened the doors for Mac users to use Android apps on their devices. If you like some Android apps and like to run on your Mac devices than Blue stack app emulator allow you to run on Apple computers and Notebooks. Not only running app it enables full screen and fast play back of Android apps. Also you can share data between Android devices and other computers.

For Blue stack there is no requirement of extra installation all you have to do is run the app and get apps. When its PC version was launched it got one million downloads with in 9 days. Now this app has come for Android apps. 17 big Android developers, including Handy Games, Creative Mobile,  Facebook, Glow Hockey, Paper Toss,  Seismic, Twitter, Pulse and Zebra Paint., have signed up to make their apps available to run on a Mac. Also Blue Stacks estimated that there are 40,000 apps for Blue stacks regarding Android.

Blue Stacks CEO Rosen Sharma said by bringing Android Apps to Mac “Also, Android is struggling because of a lack of tablet applications. Developers now have an incentive to build hi-res apps to work on the resolutions like retina displays on the new Mac for example,” he added.

This app is now in Alpha (testing) state that allows you to run Android apps. Click link to get the Download.


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