Ios 6 vs. Jelly bean????

June has been a great achievement for OS. Two biggest giants revealed beta version of their OS. Apple revealed ios 6 bets in WWDC and Google on June 27 revealed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Both have announced various enhancements to their OS. Let’s have a look at them……

Voice search:Let’s start with Apple’s Siri vs. Google voice search. Apple Siri is one of factor for iPhone 4s success. Siri improvements include “Eyes Free” feature, turn by turn navigation, films and movie additional features. This feature is more knowledable in ios as compared to Google. Siri is like your friend that understands what you want to say. Ios 6 has ability to post directly from Siri but Google OS can’t post the same. Siri has better voice recognition power but Google can understand even your favorite spots that Siri can’t. But in Siri there is no way to expand your search once you receive information. But for Google presents snippets of information.

Conclusion: Both the OS are not perfect in this context. If we add launch app feature than Siri would be prettier.

Notifications: Apple notifies even on lock screen, is best feature regarding its notification center. With notification center on Google plus you can share on G+ but with Siri you can share with Face book and Twitter too. There is also audible alert in Google but that is quite clumsy to use.

Conclusion: Apple Ios 6 wins.

Application Store (iTunes vs. Google Play): Apple has very vast applications. Its better syncing with iCloud makes it convenient to buy music with in the app. Apple store contains apps in categorized form. You can search for categories for your app. But in case of Google there is clutter of apps at same place.

Conclusion: ios 6 Winner.

Safari vs. ChromeSafari enables URL/search and post photos from mobile browser. It’s read it later is best option in this.  Integration with iCloud that synchronize browser tabs & offline reading is also good. Chrome is also good as it offers unlimited tabs and synchronization of Google accounts.

Conclusion: Draw.

Which you think better???? Your reviews matters a lot…


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