Face Book SDK 3.0 Beta released enables apps integration with social Networking sites

Face Book and Apple relation strengthens. Face book has done its biggest update for Ios first time with its Face book integration on Ios 6. Yes you are thinking right. FaceBook has released its beta version of its SDK 3.0 that enables you to integrate your apps to social networking sites. You can now share your contents. Also you get benefits of face book native integration with ios 6 to third party apps.

The SDK features:

*Better user session management: The session stores, manages, refresh user tokens that can be override. When token changes state it uses block metaphor.

*Objective C language support: Inclusion of C language allows features like API Naming and KVO allow transition between Facebook and Apple.

*Improved Facebook API’s: Batches for SDK has been improved that translates to much faster access time for API requests.

*Pre-built user interface elements: Interface elements include various functions like Facebook profile picture view, Place picker view controller, and Friend picker view controller. You just have to drop in your apps instead of using dialogs.

 “The new features make the SDK a natural extension of Apple’s iOS environment,” Facebook engineer Jason Clark said. “After iOS 6 launches to users, the SDK will automatically use the native Facebook Login in iOS 6 when available. The new features make the SDK more efficient by eliminating the need to develop and manage common tasks.”

This SDK version allows user to grab Facebook login information so as not to create any sort of fuss on sign-up and it would be simple and easy to use. Now you don’t have to manually login user or password from your account, you have just to tap with SDK. It uses your Facebook login information from ios 6.

Also it shows backward compatibility means it’s also compatible with ios 4.0 or later.

Not only Beta Company has launched a new website for developers that include tools and resources information to build apps on IOS. Also you get Getting started guide, read documents, sample codes.

The new feature will be for Iphone, Ipad and iPod.


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