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Amazing Alex lands on Android and IOS!!!

Finally wait is over. Apple has finally released Amazing Alex on Ios platform. It’s the same company that has launched the most popular gaming that is Angry birds. Not only Finnish Video game Company launched on ios platform but also on Android. It’s also planning to launch on Windows, Mac etc.

This game is physics puzzle game that is based on adventures. The concept is simple and interesting. Amazing Alex is an animated boy play to launch baseball.

Game description:

This adventurous game let you set the objects to bounce; bash and even you can crash objects. With lots of toys you feel better experience. In this game players have to arrange objects in a chained manner as each puzzle affects other to achieve goal.

How to play:

There are various puzzle levels in which there are 35 interactive objects. You can also create your own level with these objects. These puzzles are in chained manner. Each puzzle affects other so as to achieve goal. The toys in game turn any object in greet adventure. Whiz kid with boundless imagination does every work from cleaning room to play in backyard. Alex has lots of challenges for you to check how creative you are.

Levels and other features:

  • There are 100 levels across 4 locations that are quite adventurous to test your creative ness.
  • You can share your achievements with your friends.
  • Retina optimized game.
  • You can also create your own level.

The game is available in free as well as paid version.

Amazing Alex (iPhone/iPod touch, $0.99)

Amazing Alex HD (iPad, $2.99)

Amazing Alex Premium (Google Play, Rs. 54.90)

Amazing Alex HD (Google Play, Rs. 165.82)

Amazing Alex Free (Google Play, Free)

Enjoy your gaming and share experience with us!!!

See the video below to know more!!!



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