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Mountain Lion OS X release date and its detailed features.

Mountain Lion ninth OS X for Mac Intosh Apple computers is just a days away from its release. Mac Intosh users must be excited regarding release as their wait is going to be over. Mountain Lion which was announced in Feb is going to be released on 25 July. Yes you are right you are less than 10 days from new OS X for your Mac devices.

At WWDC Apple announced Mountain Lion release for Developers and it received the Golden Master tag on 9 July. The Golden Master Mountain Lion incorporates various new features:

Notification center:

This is the new feature that is added to OS X from ios. The notification center in OS X offers managing and viewing notifications from apps and system. There are also cloud based push notifications that show alerts and show pending messages of your twitter, FaceBook, Skype or Instagram. Apple has filled its notification center with Face time, Mail and messages. Also Safari is updated so that various alert notifications can be seen while you are using apps.  Those pop ups while you are using apps are placed on corner of screen.

Air Play Mirroring:

An awesome feature for those who want to get rid of mini DVI cables, VGA or HDMI cables. It’s an Apple step to get you rid of cables in your room. Actually this Air Play Mirroring is the concept in which you can stream anything from Your Mac screen to Apple TV. In this 1080 p content can be pushed from your Mac to Tv. Not only you can mirror audio and video but games can be streamed also.

Safari 6.0:

Safari for Mac Intosh has been updated to version 6. Various features that are added are like new iCloud tab sharing feature, offline reading list, privacy settings and lot more. The new “Share” button in this allows you to tweet, email and send web pages. There is also “explore” like tab that review what is going in each tab.

 Gate Keeper:

Like the watch man of house who protect our house this gate keeper prevent your device from malware. This feature is based on digital signatures. It restricts you regarding downloading apps from any where and reduces the possibility of Trojan horse.


The Icloud has been updated in this. The most imp feature is that it includes Document library that handle all your Mac Documents.

You can get this OS X from 24 or 25 July at $20 from Apple store.


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