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Google Chrome for ios share 1.5 % of market

Google Chrome Browser for Apple that was launched last month at WWDC  has received popularity among ios users. According to data revealed Chrome for IOS share 1.5 % of market. Actually Chrome for ios is a strong contender of Apple’s own browser Safari. But Safari continues its monopoly in market as default browser in Apple is Safari also Apple doesn’t allow its users to stick to other browsers. As the There are other third party browsers for ios that share around 14.5% of ios market. But Chrome has become among most popular free downloads since its launch.

Chitika said that it has founded data using real time tool created by analytics arm of Chitika. When Google revealed its browser for ios it said “It’s a moderate level growth”. And also there are chances that growth of Google Browser share will increase.


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Download updated Xbox Live apps.

XBOX Live an IOS app was updated for iPhone last month with remote functionality. But now this functionality has come to iPad too. This is first ever time that a remote capability has come to any tablet. Now you don’t have search for controller this built in app for you lets you browse with a single tab.

What is this remote functionality?

This functionality lets your XBOX 360 to be connected to Ipad and control your smart phone or iPad using remote. With this you can access what’s going on screen, you can play, pause, rewind, forward like you do with your remote control. Not only this you can also check your recently opened apps and get overview of them. From now you can use your iPhone as a remote control.

The Xbox Live v 1.6 for Iphone provide you to launch game, Browse video content, Play DVD, Videos.  You can check achievements, remain connected to your Xbox live friends and you can change 3 D avatar. But the best update it has received today.  Not only remote functionality there is also bug fixing from earlier versions.

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