Apple iPhone 5 on verge of record breaking Demand.

Apple iPhone 5 is coming this quarter. Apple fans are desperately waiting for that. Despite Apple releases one smart phone yearly but curiosity among Apple fans regarding Iphone can be seen among reports that come yesterday. The survey conducted by Apple Change Wave reveal that out of 4000 consumers 14 % are likely to buy next iPhone and 17% said they would some likely to buy it. Almost one-third of consumers state that they will likely to buy next generation smart phone.

Observation regarding survey state that with Apple’s each smart phone demand for next iPhone increases. Last year iPhone 4s survey before launch, reveals that 10 percent people are likely to buy iPhone and 11.5 are some what likely buy that. And at that time with iPhone 4s 4 million sales it was considered as the most successful smart phone.

It was also surveyed for Samsung Galaxy but 7 percent said they are likely to buy and 2 percent said that they are very likely to buy.

What the iPhone 5 will bring its all in rumors but most expected that it will come with Retina Display, 19-pin Dock connector, ios 6, 4-inch display, Liquid metal display and lot more.

At Verizon conference, Company hinted that it will release iPhone 5 in 4th quarter.

Among other findings:

*In contrast to Apple and Samsung, demand for Motorola devices (4%; down 2 points) and HTC (3%) remains sluggish, while RIM (2%) is mired at its all-time low.

*Nokia (2%), is seeing a slight up tick in consumer smart phone buying, with a one-point increase in the last three months. “While it’s only a one-point increase, it remains a hopeful sign for their new Lumia device as well as their strategic partnership with Microsoft,” states the report.


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