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Change iPhone gaming experience with Bladepad iPhone Gamepad

The Bladepad is a combo (iPhone case & Gamepad) which we can expect in the near future but at present this project is in the hunt for funding from Kickstarter. It is contains an simply detachable case inclusive with a shear on gamepad that consist of 2 joysticks with a D-Pad & various buttons to develop your iPhone gaming experience.

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Although it looks likes that the game playing experience on iPhone will be enhance and is ready to give a kick start to a next level. Bladepad convey a complete console controller to iPhone with a expedient & contented gamepad that enhance portability by reducing needless bulk. Bladepad can be joined to iPhone by Bluetooth. That’s not all iPhone can be slide into the caring case & the gamepad slip out underneath iPhone a this gamepad can be slide back beneath iPhone.

Bladepad uses of sky-scraping superiority mechanism & resources to endow with a sturdy device that is put up to last. Surrounded by is a influential micro-processor with Bluetooth component by Texas Instruments. Furthermore, Bladepad has a genuine metal bezel made out of the frivolous & tough alloy in iPhone 4/4S. The bezel is in fact a solid metal shield that defends Bladepad for long-standing use.

Since this project is looking for funds and if you want to be the first one to undertake this gamepad, all you have to do is oath of $59 or more to construct it into manufacture. The Bladepad at present has over $6000 of oaths and it wants to punch over $55000 to grow sufficient to be funded. Also Click Here to read about why Kickstarter projects doesn’t guarantee  the production even if the funding crosses the maximum pledge, so think twice before investing your hard earn money and expect the best out of it.

There is no suspicion in my judgment that iPhone gaming is immensely admired but just because of the deficit in hardware buttons as well as joystick always pull back the ultimate gaming experience from the iPhone users. Lots of improvement is captivating the attention as we have previously seen solutions from iCade & few others. The difficulty conversely is that there is no typical algorithms and support for including of this gamepad into iPhone. Developers can decide on a particular elucidation or none at all and in anticipation of these changes, people might be wasting money as their preferred games might not have any gamepad support.

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As far as I can think the solution for this problem Apple can think about this unique concept from Bladephone & Kickstarter and by constructing as well as liberating this gamepad officially from their end. That’s not all for all the future developments can be enhance in the productivity, popularity etc. by providing all developers the capability to effortlessly add support for it. Then only we will see the majority of games having delightful benefit of the gamepad & it will become an necessary part of gaming on the Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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