iCloud for Apple devices

iCloud is known for its cloud storage and a cloud computing service which was released for public on  12 October 2011 and was earlier announce at WWDC in the year 2011.

The service enables individual to stock up data such as music files, images etc on remote servers which could be later download to several devices such as iPhone, & computers running on different Operating systems. This application was the perfect substitute for Apple’s MobileMe service, which acts as a data syncing hub for various data such as email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes etc and other vital data. As per the recent figure this popular service was having more than 150 million users worldwide. Third-party application developers are talented enough to execute iCloud features in their applications through the iCloud API.

 Features of iCloud

  • Backup & Restore – Backup your iOS device online through iCloud feature which could be restored using online backup
  • Track iPhone – Permits users to track & follow the place & position of their iOS device. Helpful when you’ve lost your device.
  • Email – An iCloud account comprise of email account which is non-compulsory part of an iCloud account, in that the user can use the email as their iCloud Apple ID. iCloud email is push-enabled.
  • Photo Stream – this is a trail services (free for 30 days) which permits user to save most recent 1000 photos on iCloud server. (When any photo is taken its get automatically uploaded to the server) This service The service is also incorporated with Apple TV, letting users to have a look on their new photos wirelessly even on their HDTV
  • Back to My Mac – is now part of iCloud service which permits users to remotely login to computers configured with the Apple ID
  • iTunes Match – This service was launched for only US subscribers during November 2011, consumers can scan & match tracks in iTunes music library.

 Click Here to read more about Apple’s iCloud

Click Here to setup your iCloud Account

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