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How to manually manage what gets backed up to iCloud

Managing iCloud space is always been a concern for me because after deleting the previous backups you don’t need them any longer. The other thing users have to think is about the applications which are not important for you and still they are getting backed up, and really it doesn’t really matter.


For example, taking backup of Camera Roll can utilize a great quantity of your storage at iCloud. Because Photo Stream confine all of the media data nonetheless, & doesn’t count up next to your entire storage usage, If you any user turn off the backup of Camera Roll can save you significant space. Your video backup could be gone anyhow but same video can be recovered through free iCloud data portion anytime, easily. Just follow these simple steps  and learn to control what gets backed up on to your iCloud account, and it is always good to know which settings to change to manage the backed up data on iCloud.


Step wise Illustration:-

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Click on iCloud at the bottom
  3. Click on  Storage & Backup at the bottom
  4. Click Manage Storage
  5. Click on device name, only if you are having several devices on the same iCloud account
  6. After that a small list of all current application backed up on iCloud will appear (click on to Show All the application backed up)
  7. For whichever application you don’t need to be backed up, change the snap button to Off

For example your unused video files or even pictures could sum up to a huge amount of storage space and since you pay for iCloud storage fees, I would suggest you to turn it off and as a result you’ll be saving a lot of space. Just keep in mind, despite the fact that Photo Stream will carry your photos safe, but your videos won’t be backed up so you just have to keep that in mind and take care of your important videos and retain their backup yourself.

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