How to reduce iCloud storage

iCloud is a very innovative yet widely used service and after receiving a query from now of our reader “Bella Torres”, she was concern about reducing her iCloud storage and needed some help so today i’m here to guide you how to reduce iCloud storage step-wise.

It could possibly happens that earlier you opt for more iCloud storage space, & after cleaning out iClouds, you come to a decision that you don’t need it any more, you should make sure that you don’t get billed next time as the expense comes due as iCloud billing which follows an yearly cycle, so possibility is there that are you’ll still ought to get the extra storage you paid for a despite the fact that you won’t get charged another time.

Steps to reduce iCloud Storage:-

  • Open the Settings tab

  • Click on iCloud close to the bottom of screen

  • Then click Storage and Backup at bottom

  • Click Buy More Storage

  • Click Downgrade Options at bottom

  • Then login using Apple ID password

  • Decide your latest plan among the accessible choice

This iCloud downgrade will take place after your next billing cycle (that would be 1year after you purchase the supplementary storage space). If you are facing any other problem or having any query then please let us know we’ll happy to help you. We also insist you to provide your valuable feedback so that we can be better.

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