Instagram 3.0 introduces Photo Map and other improvements

An update for Instagram version 3.0 is available for download. This is an upgrade version which consists of many enhancements and developments in features, now it consists of a totally unique feature known as Photo Map. Photo Map displays all your geotagged Instagram images on a chart (or map) which apart from adding a great feel also makes it interesting and very comfortable to glance through your images/photos by position in the map. Adding together to Photo Map in Instagram 3.0 furthermore has a newly designed profile & uploads screen display with never-ending scrolling on picture feeds, and with the power to flag unsuitable or improper comments, & much more.

There are certain things which should be kept in mind while using Photo Map,it is highly recommended and indeed important to think aboutprivacy & security before accumulation of photos for eg. It’s perhaps a terrible idea to include photos that will specify where you live or even work. Instagram did a fantastic work of making users aware about the privacy and security issue with a long message before allowing you to make use of Photo Map for the first time.


Either after installing Instagram for the first time or installing the latest update to version 3.0, user will get a prompt and asked for a question about adding all the existing images in the Photo Map. Users don’t have to worry as they will be able to select among the images they want to add to Photo Map, that’s not all as they’ll be prearranged by locality making it considerably easy to keep in mind where you clicked those photos.


Trust me, presentation of images on a map and viewing them is in fact an incredibly enjoyable experience. User can even zoom the map for details; users can observe the images that divide into precise categories. If any user clicks on these categories, the map will zoom into and divide images into more specific positions on the map, that’s not all you can view any particular user’s Photo Map and can also go though the user’s photos in a feed or as a thumbnails. The animations are incredibly smooth & fun. It is much appreciated and superb work done by the Instagram team. Remember to Click Below to download Instagram from itunes.

Free – Download Now

In my opinion, this is a great Upgrade from Instagram. What are your views ?

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