Learn how to fix FaceTime waiting for activation error

FaceTime is a revolutionary application and we can see further more developments in near future but are you having problems while connecting to FaceTime with “waiting for activation” error? So are the numerous people, FaceTime is one of the application that I want to try on my iPhone but initially found no button after opening FaceTime application and when I browsed through the settings menu and find out under the FaceTime settings on/off toggle button with the obscure words: waiting for activation.


Although FaceTime works using Wi-Fi which simultaneously utilize phone number of the user to recognize and connect with iPhone 4 users. Many users were having problem with their carrier even with the iPhone 4 and the waiting period could be extended for upto 24hrs for their SIM to work, a thought instantaneously came in my mind that my service provider is the only culprit behind all my suffering. As I consider my self as an expert for troubleshooting so tried few tricks like switching restarting my iPhone, resetting the network connections, removing SIM, and even system restore but luck was not in my favor. Although all the service was working fine like phone calls, sms, mms, etc were working fine so I was not even able to blame it on my carrier.

After getting frustrated for long I went to Apple Store for fixing this problem of activation. After listening to my problem an assistant came forward to help me and he take me through a following steps:

  • Open Setting menu
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Do a hard power down (Pressing sleep + home until the power off slider becomes visible).
  • Device will Reboot

And that’s it, after following this button appeared and then i was able to make FaceTime call, So i’ll suggest you if you are still facing error messages like “waiting for activation“, just follow the above steps and hopefully your problem will be solved, If not then please revert me back and I will try to provide you some other alternative.

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