DancePad, a fun game for iPad

DancePad is one of the popular game that is just taking hold of many of the iPad gamers, this game is for iPad and is a typical rhythm game with lots of fun and interesting interface. If you are not having this game in your iPad then you are missing something.


Gameplay –

DancePad is a typical rhythm game, player have to tap with his fingers according to target and music, which can get tricky at times but is very interesting and a lot of fun.This game is to be played in Portrait course and with the huge screen of iPad it should not be a problem. After hitting the dance floor you will be judged out on the basis of accuracy of your moves and will be rated out of 3 stars. So keep on collecting these stars to unlock additional in-game feature such as new chapters, songs. You will also be earning experience points after completing certain challenges. There are total 10 chapters with 10 tracks each, in which first 2 chapters are free so if you want to play more you have to pay for it


Features –

  • Smooth and interactive Gameplay
  • Variety of Music
  • Several dance floor with color variants
  • Pleasant Spotlights effects
  • Perfect balance of Color and animations

DancePad is adequately social with Game Center accomplishment & leader boards, with the option of sharing high score on Twitter & Facebook. Playing on the sufficient screen iPad, I don’t care about a limited split-screen version for finger dance-offs with acquaintances.

Good: –

  • Pioneering with challenging gameplay
  • Smooth gameplay with multicolored graphics
  • Vibrant and sensible interface

Bad: –

  • Little playtime for each level
  • Minor stability issue


The Verdict: –

This game is complete fun to play and that too with music makes it much more interesting. DancePad is a vibrant game with an innovative game in which user will be mesmerized for several hours and can play this game over and over again. With new music along with the game play and with the certainty that gameplay will only get better over time. DancePad grow to be demanding very swiftly, but there is not one annoying level – the wide collection of music keep coming back for more round. You can download this game for free and if you find this game interesting you can always expand this game by paying a nominal fee to update and expand this game. This is a perfect time-waster for sporty players and this is the best game which will soon pull you towards itself.

Click Here to Download DancePad

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