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What’s My IQ? ™ for iPhone and iPad

What’s My IQ? ™  is one of the best free game that is available for iPhone and iPad. This game is developed and released by Orangenose Studios which is well-known for their best selling games.

What's My IQ?™

This time they have released What’s My IQ?™ which is completely new game with a completely new puzzle game with a whole set of creative puzzle game and what is most important thing is the solutions which many think are absurd but infact they are easiest solution and our brain makes it much more complex by thinking a lot about the solution in a logical manner, I guarantee you that solutions will be of the kind you never thought of! Another additional advantage of having this game is every puzzle is exclusive and totally different which just pushes your imaginative thinking to the maximum which ultimately forces you to think out-of-box, think different.

After the end of the game What’s My IQ? ™ provides you with an IQ score based upon your answer and judgement in that test at the end of the day, & this game also provides you with an option to share your score on Facebook with your friends, so that you can later check the high IQ in creativeness among your social circle. Compete with you friends and family and prepared to be amused. At the end you will be laughing out loud at yourself that how much stupid answer you can give in reply with these highly extraordinary questions!

What's My IQ?™What's My IQ?™

The solutions are straightforward but are by no means obvious! So remember to bring in your creative mind. Your IQ score will be calculated on quantity of mistakes & time taken (since this is a time based game), so relax before you get on track with this passionate, creative mind-blowing game! Version 2.0 is the latest updated version of this game and it comes up with enhanced graphics and bugs fixed.

What’s My IQ? ™ Features:

  • ‶50 sneakiness problems″
  • ‶Out of the box solutions that are not obvious!″
  • ‶Comes with 20 Free Cheats″
  • ‶Suitable for all ages″
  • ‶battle your IQ with Facebook friends″
  • ‶easy yet addictive″

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