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Netflix updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6


Netflix has upgraded its application for iPhone 5 & iOS 6, so now benefit from your 16:9 aspect ratio content on your iPhone5 with a fully 16:9 screen as Hollywood movies are intended to be watched. That’s not all as this Netflix application also lets you browse through various titles, and user can click on for some additional information, user can double click to play. We will call it a great effort and by making a good use of the wider screen space definitely shows path to other developers on how to create application for iPhone5, and overall an excellent progress to the Netflix application in general.

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Learn how to grant or revoke app access to your contacts with iOS 6’s new Privacy controls

You will always get a pop up if any application is requesting to access your contacts. While many apps reasonably requires access to your contacts to work effectively. For example, Skype application will need to access contacts to make a call to people from your contact list. Even in the beginning you deny this access, you can always grant access later find a time later.

How to grant an app access to your contacts

  • Open the Settings app from the Home screen

  • Select Privacy option.

  • Click Contacts.

  • Find the application that you want to provide access to your Contacts list.

  • Select the slider next to the application name to On.

How to restrict an app’s access to your contacts

If you unintentionally granted an application complete access to your contacts or you later don’t want that application to have any access to your contacts then follow the below steps to disable it

  • Open the Settings application from Home screen

  • Select the Privacy option

  • Click on Contacts.

  • Find the application that you want to revoke access from  your Contacts

  • Select the slider along with the application name to Off.

  • That’s it, you are done!

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Learn how to set a song as alarm tone in iOS 6

There are loads of iOS 6‘s hidden ability and we are constantly looking for searching new things on this awesome Operating system by Apple. While checking out my iPhone5 I was surprised to see that we can set a song as alarm in my iPhone5, and when checking on other iphone, we got to find out that it is one of the hidden talents of iOS6. today I will guide you how you can use a song from your personal music library on iphone as an alarm (So that there is your favorite song to wake you up in the morning). Even before iOS 6 was released, we were able to set ringtones or default alarm tones which was very boring as iPhone alarm sound but not anymore with iOS6 we all can set our favorite music as alarm tones, Following are step wise details how you can do it.

Steps to Set Song as your Alarm in iOS6 –

  • Select the Clock application from the home screen

  • Select the Alarms tab

  • Click the + sign to create a new alarm

  • Select your alarm time

  • Click on Sound

  • Select on Pick a song & your music library will open on your iPhone

  • Select a song

  • It will start to play hit back

  • Click Save

So, now you are all done to wake up and this time iOS6 alarm will wake up you in style with the favorite song of your choice – wouldn’t that be great feeling ? Please feel to drop in your comments while expressing your views.

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