Learn how to set iPad into “Guest User” mode

The Apple tablet iPad is an incredible, life-size screen device with a fantastic web browser and astonishing games, and it is hard to resist because of this whoever sees it probably want to borrow it trying it out. Although for me its quite a tough decision to lend my iPad to someone (even to my friends and family …), but with all your personal data, messages, email, etc. can be access as iPad doesn’t support multiple accounts.

But there is nothing to worry as the introduction of brand new operating system for apple device iOS 6 is capable of using Guided Access mode to imitate it. So now you can set restriction so that no one can sneak into your personal data.

Learn how to turn on Guided Access on iPad

  • Open Settings.
  • Click General.
  • Scroll down & Select Accessibility

  • Scroll down & Select Guided Access.

  • Set Guided Access to On.

  • Set a Passcode ( which you can remember)

Learn how to use Guided Access to activate “Guest User” mode.

  • Open any app
  • Click Home button 3 times repeatedly

  • Select Guided Access from popup menu

  • Configure any particular options
  • Click Start

After performing these above steps Home button of your device will be disabled automatically, so no one can exit the application apart from what you want to show them which makes your personal data absolutely safe and secure.

How to exit Guided Access and your simulated “Guest user” mode

  • Click on Home button 3 times.
  • Enter your Passcode.
  • Click on End button at the top left.

So here is it, now you have the power of iOS 6 with Guided Access and practically you have created another account which we call as Guest User mode for your iPad. This helped me a lot especially when I am at office or outside or away from my iPad this gives me a peace of mind. Please feel to share your views with our reader by commenting in the box below. You might also be interested in reading about:-

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