Comparison iPad 4 vs. Kindle Fire 8 HD vs. Nexus 7 vs. Surface RT vs. PlayBook


Apple products are known for the technology and the quality of their products, they have raised the technology bar ever since Mac was launched then iPhone and the list goes on. Apple recently released few of their updated devices in terms of sizes and features and is leading the tech food chain. After the release of their most anticipated tablet iPad Mini and iPad4 they are certainly ruling the market and setting up a trend in the technology world. Apple has introduced its A6x processor with Qualcomm LTE radio with new lightning connectors which are definitely some new offering to the customers.

So today we have decided to write about the comparison between the different tablets that are competing against each other for the number 1 spot. Google will soon be releasing its own tablet named “NEXUS 10”, the release could be any time after this week the interesting part is this tablet Nexus 10 is manufactured by Samsung! Amazon with its Kindle Fire 8 HD is also in the competition and is now on because knows this tablet included another feature of cellular data although this feature may not work in all the countries.

Microsoft is releasing it Surface tablet which could prove as game changer as Microsoft calls it a no-compromise tablet and even they don’t want to force any decision on customer to buy it. Only time will tell that whether it will be successful as Xbox or a failure like Zune. Although there are rumors floating about BlackBerry PlayBook too with a larger screen but we don’t think so because as playbook is already doing good and RIM is planning to concentrate only on its BlackBerry10 launch in the first quarter in the year 2013, so without any doubt upgrade to BlackBerry Playbook is very unlikely.

Apple has sold over 100,000,000 iPads to date, and that’s an incredible amount for a product that launched in March of 2010. If you are planning to buy any tablet then you can have an overviews about their features and specification and you can choose as per your requirement or the tablet that best suits your need.

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