Angry Birds Space updated with 10 new levels

Angry Birds Space one of the popular title of Rovio, has now been updated with 10 new (VOLCANIC) levels. So what are angry birds doing in a volcano? Just hunting for those bad piggies which choose the fire planet to be their next hideout and they reached there with Mars Curiosity Rover. Apart from these 10 new levels there is one more level with new boss level that will be featuring the robotic surveyor.

Red Planet will be the place when these angry birds will battle it out with the piggies in these 10 new updated levels of Angry Birds Space and with a boss level. That’s not all as if you are able to acquire all 3 stars in these levels then you can head forward to all new “Antenna Egg” level. Further after clearing these stages perfectly with 3 stars and unlocking antenna egg level just try to find out the hidden rover, to unlock a super-secret bonus level. Aren’t there too many to unlock levels and hidden levels if yes, and then wait as there are more because there is another bonus level of “Space Eagle” score a perfect 100% on eagle destruction meter to unlock 5 more level.

$0.99 for iPhone – Download Now

$0.99 for iPad – Download Now

So are you enjoying angry birds to the fullest is this the best game Rovio ever created or you like their other productions live Amazing Alex or Bad Piggies or you are desperately waiting for the release of Angry Birds Star Wars! What ever be the case just feel free share your views in the comment box below. You might also be interested in reading about

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