Angry Birds – Star Wars review

Yesterday Rovio released its much awaited Angry Birds – Star Wars, we all were getting images and trailers of this amazing game but it only helped in building the expectations with the game. So today we’ll be proving you a complete review about this new angry birds game which has a theme of classic Star Wars kind which everyone is aware of. Every new Birds were almost identical in their dressing style and appearance of Tatooine, Degobah, and Hoth, every bird will have their own signature skill.

However there is no significant gameplay changes but with the introductions of new birds with different skill is surely going to entertain us for long, no changes in controls drag the bird back in the slingshot set an angle and force and release to hunt those bad piggies down. Bonus Points if you did well and with the birds remaining. Every bird has its own unique power and special strength. So let me give you some explanation about how and what these new birds can do with their special ability –

  • Red Bird – Spin with Lightsaber & deflect fire
  • Yellow Bird – Fire blaster during trajectory
  • Black Bird – Force of pushing objects away
  • Pink Bird – Laser firing ability
  • R2-D2 Bird – Electrocute enemies
  • C3-PO Bird – Explodes enemies

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Apart from the introduction and story line the audio is pretty good with a combination of effect with music of Star wars theme and a lot more to hear, however there is no change in the graphics it is still 2 Dimentional although with better background and special effects. The levels are scatter as of Star Wars event, which definitely develops a curiosity.

$0.99 for iPhone – Download Now

$2.99 for iPad – Download Now

users can click on the above links to download this new game from the angry Birds family and be ready for some outer space action movie style.

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