Strom the Train – Action game for iPhone and iPad

Storm the Train produced by Chillingo Ltd is a action packed game which is nothing more than a ticket to create mayhem, where you shoot down all your enemies, destroy everything visible to score points. In this game you can choose from any of the agents and set them go wild to create max destruction into the battle against never-ending flock of zombies, ninjas, robots and even in the relentless boss fight with destructing weapons like explosive, guns blazing side-scroller.

 You can take your player to the sky with the help of jetpack or even use a vehicle of mass destruction to kill all those zombies, ninjas and robots. You can also have that additional firepower from drones to enter the train in style and save all the hostages and complete your assignment and all the objectives to score more and move forward in the game. you have to collect as many coin as possible and simultaneously complete all the mission so that you can be able to unlock some new features like new dresses, arms and ammunition  and many more upgrades.

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Storm the Train Game Features:

  • Full of volatile action game
  • Distinctive side scrolling gameplay
  • Upgrade weapons, drones and gadgets
  • Remarkable action and lethal enemies
  • Wipe out your enemies and max destruction for highest score
  • Works on every iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Click: Download Free

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