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Free Flow

Flow Free

Do you want a brain teaser game having the fun quotient in it? If your answer is yes than Flow Free is the answer although this is a very simple yet addictive puzzle game. All you have to do is to connect the matching colors with pipe to make a flow, also you have to make the pair of colors and cover the entire board in order to solve the puzzle and yes that’s not all (because there are some things to taken care of) you have to look out for pipes while connecting them because they are very fragile and will break if you’ll overlap them.

This version will provide hundred of levels to be played or you can even play in time mode where you’ll be allotted certain time to complete the board in Time Trial mode. This game provides various modes to play in like – Challenge mode, frenetic, simple and relaxed and more. It will totally depend upon you as per your game play. We will recommend you to click on the link below to download Flow Free and get ready for some brain exercise.

Flow Free

Flow Free features


  • 750 free levels
  • 10 special board sizes
  • Free Classic, Bonus, 8×8 Mania, 9×9 Mania, and Jumbo level packs
  • Extra level packs can be purchase


  • Game Center achievements as you crack levels
  • Track your achievement
  • Strive for accuracy using features like the fewest or efficient moves
  • Struggle for speed in Time Trial

Look & Feel

  • Soft and refined touch communication
  • Colorful User Interaface
  • Cool sound effects
  • Fresh vector graphics with animations
  • Labels accessible for color impaired players

Flow Free


  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.1 or later

 Version history:

  • 1.4 – New levels and features
  • 1.3 – Hints and Retina support
  • 1.2 – New levels and features
  • 1.1 – Minor bug fixes
  • 1.0 – Initial release

Free Download Free Flow for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Where’s My Holiday?


This is a fun game and is available totally free of cost on iTunes, so you can download this game and enjoy playing this game. Where’s my holiday is having 12 limited holiday themed level which is being starring by Swampy and Perry (the platypus – remember disney’s Fenius and Ferb). Swampy and Perry are in need of some help to complete tasks, are you ready for some dispute?

In this game you have to guidethrough the sewers and show them the way to water to Swampy’s shower during 6 challenging stages all you have to keep an eye on algae, tricks & traps!


In this game you have to make use of water (which is available in different forms – ice, steam and also liquid – to work out on the puzzles and assist Agent P to acquire headquarters. This game will be having few advertisements because we know everyone needs some revenue and if you want to have some ad free experience then you have to spent some bucks and upgrade this game to full versions of two games where’s my water & Where’s my perry today.

Now features with more than 250 levels
3 innovative levels every week
Make use fans, balloons, switches, bombs, & algae to resolve puzzles
Get together with Swampy’s friends together with Cranky & Mystery Duck



With over 120 spy-themed challenges & more with a battle against evil villain Dr. Doofenshmirtz who has spread lasers crossways the sewers –and you’ll utilize to change the direction of water and help Agent P’s transportation through tubes. Keep an eye on hidden dossiers to unlock bonus levels

Free Download Where’s My Holiday from iTunes

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Claim 3 months Free Flickr Pro Subscription


There are many alternatives for instagram available, especially when there are cries all over the world regarding the issues of new terms and conditions which is followed by instagram. Today we present you with Flickr – a Recomemded alternative for Instagram. Flickr is openhandedly gifting 3 months of Flickr Pro for free to all Flickr users. This is the perfect holiday gift anyone can get especially when you are so much photo fanatic like me.

Anyone & Everyone is eligible for receiving this gift, including the prior Flickr Pro account users too and the users with free account and infact the new users who register/signing up.

How to claim 3 months Free Flickr Pro Account

  • Open Flickr iPhone App,
  • You will receive an email regarding the same free 3 months Flickr Pro account
  • Click on the link to activate
  • You can claim your Flickr Pro until January 4, 2012.
  • Go get your free Flickr Pro account

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