Rumor: Apple working on iOS 7 and on next iPhone6

iPhone 6 concept

Rumors are that Apple has started working on their next Operating System iOS7 and on their next generation smartphone – hopefully iPhone6. It was shocking for me at first because last year in the month of September Apple released both iOS6 & iPhone 5 although I know since the year 2007 Apple has released new version of iOS and iPhone every year, may be it is because of the Apple Maps that were criticized a lot and Apple is trying their best to not suffer this time due to anything, Moreover with the BlackBerry10 and Samsung getting so much active in their field that they are capable of competing even with the pioneer of mobile technology.

If rumors are to be believed then we can very well see a beta version of OS may be in WWDC 2013 which will be conducted around June. As far as iPhone 6 is to be considered internal model numbers only inadvertently associate with the release name and there are possibilities that iPhone 6 could also be named as iPhone 5S (which makes a pretty good sense), moreover there was a news also that team Apple are working on iPad.

For now everything is looking at its place and if this rumor doesn’t turned out to be true than also next generation iPhone will certainly be biggest news. Please feel free to share your views about iOS7 features you would like and the ideas about the next iPhone.

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