Application that you can’t miss on this VALENTINE’S DAY

Note: Following are some applications which you should be having on your Smartphone and impress your girl this VALENTINE’S DAY or for some applications that will help you not to get screwed this VALENTINE’S DAY.


Being scolded and beaten up again and again by you girlfriend or wife for not remembering things? Yes, I know that the bruise on your face is due to that only 😉 ). Then I advice you to start using Evernote application on your Smartphone before everyone knows about the secret of you getting bashed up by your wife/girlfriend everyday (but don’t worry, we won’t tell it to anyone because it is our little secret).  Evernote is an easy-to-use, free application that will assist you to remember everything; it also helps to Stay organized, save ideas and enhance productivity. Evernote will help you to take create to-do lists, notes, capture photos, record voice reminders and that’s not because you can access each and everything in your dropbox irrespective of your place (at home or work).


This application will come very handy on this Valentine’s Day, so that at first you don’t forgot to plan with your girlfriend and if already planned then you better not to forget the gift (you can easily remember this just by making note). Make a checklist on this application and avoid any last minute goof-ups and make this valentine as wonderful as you can (and if you forget to use this application than only GOD can help you).

Download Evernote 

Valentine Cam

Start getting click with your loved ones with this application that is designed to provide you the power to click the photos with incredible Valentine effects & forward them to your loved ones!

valentine cam
Valentine Cam gives you several of Valentine effects to your camera or local photos. You can also share these photos with a fantastic Happy Valentine’s day banner. Share the Love.

Download Valentine Cam from iTunes

The Love Scanner

love scaner

This application scans & detects if you are in love and the result will be declared by a Voice feedback. This application will help individuals who are not sure that whether they are in love or not. This is a fun application that will help you not scan yourself, couples, or even groups of people, you can also discover how you rate on the love meter!

Download Love Scaner


Opera Mini


Applications are there for almost everything and anything what about you want to surf or browse about anything just to impress your girl? Or just browsing while waiting for your girl to get ready or anything? Opera Mini is the fastest browser that is available today for the Smartphones, this application is designed to shirk the data to as little as 10% of its original size which not only assures that you’ll saving both time and money (after all you’ll need all the money to impress her). With features like Speed Dial shortcuts will help you shop faster online to impress your valentine.

Download Opera Mini


Helpful Romantic

Getting complaints from your wife or Girlfriend that “you are not that Romantic as before” ? Really then you should act right now be a Love guru for her, mesmerize her in every possible way and we are telling you how to – the short yet simple answer is Helpful Romantic application – that will allow you to generate romantic ideas for your loved one (or LOVED ONES). Get more than 110 tips for getting Romantic, save special dates (special anniversaries, her B’day etc I’m sure you don’t want to forget that by any chance). This application can be used by anyone (Yes, all the ladies can also use this application to make him feel more special or atleast show him how should he treat you)

helpful romantic

Download Helpful Romantic


Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

Having No plans this Valentine’s Day (it’s ok if you don’t want to disclose) and if you don’t then better to start planning with that something with your loved one.

ring finder

Are you planning to gift a ring to your girlfriend, wife loved one this Valentines Day? Are you having problem in selecting the perfect ring for your partner? Finding it hard to keep a check on Design, carat or even ring size than don’t worry because Tiffany & Co. are there for your rescue with their unique application named “Engagement Ring Finder” so whether you are going to propose someone special then you certainly don’t mess up (you better don’t 😉 ). Although certain features might not be available on iPad, but this application should be top on your priority lists of application this Valentine week (so that everything goes as per your plan no matter how bad is your day). Trust us, she will say yes event before you bend on your knees!

Download Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder


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