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Microsoft Surface challenging Apple iPad, who won????

Microsoft on Monday released its Microsoft Surface a Widows 8 tablet. No doubt its look & feel is good but still its various hardware specs are still unknown.  Surface available in 2 designs: Windows RT & Windows 8 Pro. And its but obvious that latter one is of high price.  But even with out all details Microsoft product gives a competion to tablets, lets see does Microsoft can win with Apple Ipad.

If we compare specs of both we found:

If we compare both in terms of accessories we find Microsoft revealed its candy-colored touch & type cover. Apple offered new Smart case & 300,000 apps with Camera fully HD. Also Apple iPad offers Retina Display that gives a mind blowing display that attract most of users.

Also you can see whole specs of apple ipad & its price..

 About tablet share market you can see a graph Apple sharing 62% of the market.

Would Microsoft able to compete with the Apple Ipad?? A big question behind this???


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New Browser for iPad!!!

Mozilla in order to beat its own browser offer an alternate of Safari. It’s not an upgraded version of its “Mozilla Fire flox” but it’s an enhanced version which allows fun browsing from tablet. Actually it re-imagines complete browser experience.

Browsing software “Junior” aimed to create tablet browser having a desktop like feel & make you to take advantage Retina Display. We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor,” said Limi.

Gesture based inputs:

It’s planned on gesture based inputs that provides you magazine like feel. Two key operations back & “plus” button placed at thumb reach for easy browsing. For other functions like print, forward & reload are incorporated in these. The six functioning of these 2 will be revealed later.

Back: Back is used to shift to the previous page.

Plus: Bring you to recent site, favourite in one place. Links are arranged as branded icons.

Private Browsing:

Junior allows secure browsing by separate user accounts. You can login & enjoy separate browsing. There is also security of your FaceBook & twitter accounts.

See the presentation to see what company reveals: 

There are also various browsers in Ios that are third party browsers like Opera Mini, Atomic, & Dolphin that have their own usage. There are also other browser for ipad see.  Mozilla is 2nd in browser usage after Internet Explorer. Let’s see what boom will Junior bring to Mozilla Browser usage!!

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Apple’s New Ipad features, specifications and best apps!!!

Ipad Specifications    

IOS OS version: ios 5

Screen: 9.7 inch Retina Display

Processor: Dual core A5X

Storage: 16 GB to 64 GB.

Connectivity: WiFi, 4G, LTE(3G support)

Dimension: 241.2*187.5*9.4 mm

Wonderful Features:

New Ipad is coming with revolutionary new features that made it best on Ipad ground.

Best for Photography: The new Ipad is best suitable for photography to make portfolio. Its display is so dense that it allows distinguishing individual pixels at a distance.

Rear Camera: It has 5 MP ISight camera having features like auto focus, taps to focus, f/2.4 aperture. Pictures on Retina Display look wonderful. You can have video recording up to 1080p.

Mind blowing Display: The best part of this is its retina display. It has 4-times pixel count. You can watch HD movies with better interface.

Battery: Great improvement in its battery life. With all your activities normal usage, downloading, camera, movies you have battery life of 2-3 days.

Performance: Better performance than earlier versions. Its A5X chips with graphics are themselves the best explainers of its performance.

 Best Apps for iPad:

*Infinity Blade II

*CNN’S Ipad app

*Wall Street journal

*Real Racing 2 HD.

*Kingdom Rush HD

*Tweet book

*Sketch book pro

*Press Reader

Price for Ipad:


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