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Apple release Standalone ios Podcast App

After a long wait Apple today finally released its Stand alone Podcast app for ios. Those running ios 5.1 & higher can enjoy this app from this second. The app includes 100 & 1000’s of pod casts in 40 languages.

What is Podcast??

Podcast actually is an amalgamation of word “Broad cast” & “iPod”. It consist of series of episode that user subscribe to & receive the content in either audio form or video. It’s also termed as “Time shifted radio” as its medium is same but also offers user control when and where to listen.

“Top station” feature in Podcast will give you pod casts according to topics, like we say art, business, music, comedy, news, sports & more. After selecting your Podcast you can “Subscribe” to receive latest episodes. They can be streamed or downloaded for Offline listen.

 Various icons

  • Program” icon in this show titles, number of episodes loaded, number of unplayed episodes. Clicking on “Show” button you get description of episode & find a button if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe particular episode.
  • Catalog” icon directs you to iTunes store through wall animation. You can view featured shows and search for new programs.
  • Categories” show you list of topics to select like art, music, news etc.
  • Library” button rotate wall & bring you there from where you started.

Feature includes:

  • Top station feature gives you the opportunity to select various topics.
  • Share your playlists: You can share your created play lists with your friends via Gmail, FaceBook or Twitter. For Gmail you can send a link to your friend to share. For Face book & Twitter you can share with your friends by clicking share button.
  • Enjoy both Audio & Video Podcasts at a same place.
  • Using “Play back” Control you can skip forward & back of episode.
  • You can hear offline also.
  • Explore your favorite app in 40 languages.
  • Turn Sleep timer to stop playing when you are about to sleep.
  •  Supports lock screen, task bar & headphone remote

It’s a wonderful app for fun & enjoyment. For synchronizing episodes you need iTunes 10.6.3 or later. And think what’s great??? It’s just a free app…

Download Podcast!!!

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Make Helicopter explode: Action Movie FX app offers action-packed special effects!!!

Do you want to make your photo more entertaining? Or want to add Hollywood effects to your photos? Apple has provided an entertaining app that adds effects to your pictures. This free app let you add Hollywood effects & turn your character in to Hollywood blockbusters.

This app set this virtual world on fire directly through your phone’s camera. Two FX effects like missile attack or car smash are for free. You can also get other effects like Chopper, Tornado, and Air Strike & Fire Fight & various others for $1 for 2 effects. The effects created are in such a realistic way that is prettier as this say.

You can drop an Aeroplane on your best friend or smash a car in to yourself. After creating effects to your photo, you can share it with your friends & see their reaction & have fun. Inspired by big budget Hollywood action movies Apple has launched this app.

 How to use it:

  • First of all record something with your iPhone camera for some time.
  • Position exact timing when missile will hit.
  • You can edit on screen where you want to hit the missile.
  • Select your effect.
  • After this entire wait for small time before your recording is ready.
  • Play & see realistic effects.
See how your created effects looks:

 Various effects that can be bought:

  • Chopper Down
  • Tornado Action Bundle
  • Side Swiped
  • Crown Control
  • Air Strike
  • Disaster Movie Packs
  • Ground Suckers
  • Meteor from Outer space
  • The Jet.

[Action Movie FX app on iTunes App Store] is a good fun app.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, Iphone 4 or 4s, iPad 2, iPod touch 4th generation.

 Give your reviews about this action app & your experience or fun you have created with this app.

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